West Coast Suggestions For Engine Shops In San Diego

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  1. Hello Guys....does. anyone know any good engine building shops in San diego, i talk to Kenyon Machine shop in the Pacific beach area ut i dont no how good they are, any suggestions?.

    Im looking to rebuild a 302 engine and while addin the trickflow topend kit (leavin the bottom end stock), any shops that could do that at a reasonableb price?
  2. Hey, I would reccomend contacting JBA performance in San Diego. I had some minor work done there to my 98 Mustang GT a few years back and now that I have my 2013 5.0 they are my go to shop for questions, concerns and parts. They arent the cheapest shop around but they do great work and are up front with everything. Hope this helps
  3. Back in the day 15+ years ago, it was ESI next door to JBA that did my engine build. I think the guys who use to work there opened a shop up the road in Santee.
    Greg Grossett of Total Performance in Santee:

    10133 Prospect Avenue
    Santee, CA 92071-4411
    (619) 562-9894

    Might be some $$$, but if you want it done right.