Suggestions For Tire/rim Sizes 1994 Mustang Gt

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  1. Hi this is my first post on this forum so I may not be in the right place, let me know if I should be somewhere else, thanks!

    So I just bought my very first car about a week ago, a beautiful red 1994 mustang GT and am loving it so far. The first of many changes I'd like to make to this car is to change out the tires and rims. The previous owner put 20" rims on it. They say 255/35ZR20 97W on them, and all 4 are the same. From what I've gathered from google the 20" rims can negatively affect power as well as ride quality and something like 17's would be more suitable. Not to mention they rub up against the body if I make really sharp turns so I'd like to get em switched out ASAP!

    Anyway I'm looking for suggestions as to what dimensions to get for the tires, are 17's a good choice, and if so should I get the same rim size and dimensions for the back as well as front wheels? Any recommendations are much appreciated thanks in advance!
  2. Definitely get rid of the 20" rims. The rest of it is personal preference. I would say a 17"x9" all the way around with a 255 tire. You can get a bigger wheel and tire in the back without rubbing, but you won't be able to rotate for tire wear. Depends on how much you drive it, and how important tire life is to you. There are a lot of great 18" rims out there too. 18" tires are still a little on the pricey side. There are a lot of good deals on wheel and tire combos on the internet. American Muscle and OEM Wheels to name a few.

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  3. Yes I agree w 17x9 and 255. I have the American muscle wheel and tire package with Nitto 255/40/17. Very nice, very nice.
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  4. Ah very interesting, I didn't know going wider in the back would prevent being able to rotate them. Thanks much will start looking around for this size now, hopefully some will turn up @ Pick 'n Pull so I don't have to buy em new! :)
  5. So I found some 17's being sold in my town. They are '03 SVT cobra rims with 5 lugs, will these fit my '94 GT? I know it has 5 lugs as well but I just want to make sure they are the same size. Thanks in advance!
  6. OEWheels LLC, you'll find new wheels with tires for probably less than you'd pay for just the tires in many places. Personally I think 10.5" wheels look the best out back.
  7. I agree with jozsefsz, I have a 95 gt with 17x 9's up front 17x10.5's out back with wide ass 315's. Awesome staggered setup, looks old skool. But it is personal preference. I can't rotate either, tires r directional also. Oh well.
  8. Are they OEM? I'm running the china knock-offs on a 95 and yes they fit.
  9. Yes 03 Cobra wheels are great looking on our cars.

    I ran Nitto 255's up front and 275's out back.

  10. I have a hard on for the 95' Cobra wheels, not the 03' ones so much. It's all personal preference. there are some great deals on OEWheels, but they are Chinese knock offs. I personally don't trust a wheel made in China.