suggestions on chips?

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  1. looking into some chips... not sure whether i want dorittos or fritos... anyone have ideas? :rlaugh:

    all seriousness lol... im looking into something for when teh whole HCI is done. i would assume its a smarter idea to get it tuned to get the most out of my little kit... the guy @ teh shop im going to be going through said about $250 for the chip, plus another 200 for the first hour on the dyno. with each additional hour being $175...

    whos running what chips? suggestions are respected and appreciated as always!
  2. not that i no of....

    nvm, yeah i dont have one
  3. A dyno tune/chip is the best route to go to get the best power and drivablilty out of the new mods, especially if you get a cam from FTI. I had one done on my previous Mustang it was a flat rate fee of $400, I'll be going back to them this time as well when I have the new parts installed but their prices went up by $50 :(

    I went to performance dyno in N.H. they are really good with tuning Mustangs.
  4. lasota here
  5. Jimmy, who you planning to go to.. I have heard good things about Dez Racing in Seekonk... The guys brotehr used to work at my place and one of my co-workers has a SWEET gt-40 with 6psi paxton factory Five Cobra that he had tuned there... He is VERY happy with the tune.

    Just a thought.
  6. Chris check ur pms...

    but i think im going to be taking my car to Ocean State Performance
  7. I have the SCT chip. After the 331 build car ran like crap. I flat bedded it a place in VA. He put in the SCT chip and dyno tuned it. $500 for chip and install. The good thing is, I can bring it back anytime and he doesn't charge to retune if I upgraded anything. Done it twice so far. Car runs great!
  8. I went with steve at powertrain performance in huntington beach, I have a diablo sport chip that cost 200.00 plus 100.00 per hour on the dyno but he dialed it in within that hour and the total was 300.00 with chip and tune, i dont think it matters what brand the chip is, it's all in the tune.