Wheels-Tires Suggestions On Getting Wider Tires

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Lolli'z Own'r, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. I have a '10 GT Premium w/ 245/45/19 stock tires. I am looking to get better cornering control. Will wider tire help and if so, what would be the suggested size. Also looking to get new wheels for this change.
  2. I run 275/40/18 Summitomos on the rears of my car. This is on a 18 x 10 wheel. It makes a world of difference. I'm actually thinking of upgrading to Nitto's 555 in 285/40/18. I hear those tires are awesome.
  3. I have 18 x 10 wheels with 285/40/18 Continental DW all the way around. It handles great and have had no issues with rubbing on the fronts at full lock. I did add a 5mm spacer to the fronts so I could add 2 degrees to my camber using camber bolts (I know most don't like the thought of camber bolts but I've had no issues) which probably helps the front dig into the turns better. I also added Ford Racing lowering springs (1.5" drop all around) and with those I noticed a huge difference in handling. I autocrossed last year and it cornered great. I plan on going with some new sway bars before this years autocross to tighten the cornering even more.
  4. I would say to let us know the EXACT wheels/size you want so we know what to recommend for your tires.