Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93lx50conv, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Ok i need to start buying some goodies. I need to know a good price combo for intake and cam. Im thinking b303 cam, and either cobra intake or trick flow street heat. Im not sure, then im just getting my heads ported and polished for the time being. Throttle body probably 65 mm, 24 or 30 lb injectors?...and aluminum radiator most likely. I just need a good combo to run on i/c though. thanks.
  2. Im not even sure about cam ...might go with E 303 cam or even go with trick flow street heat cam with the street heat intake...please get back to me
  3. i have an E 303 cam, the ford cams are alright but if i had to do it again i'd get a split duration cam expeciality since i kept the stock heads (mild port) you can't go wrong with isky or lunaity cams, lunaity always seem to make big power even with mild specs
  4. Yea thanks. What about trick flows cams?...If i went with the middle performance cam with fair idle. Then i guess it would be a good combo with t.f street heat intake. It says to have 3 55 gears or that a big deal if i were to wait on that for a little cuz i want 3 73's.( right now 3 08's). Please get back to me.