Summer plans for the stangs?

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  1. Just wondering what everybody else had plans to do to their stangs over the summer. Me? I'm PLANNING on throwing on some heads, either AFR 165's or TFS Twisted Wedge, Edelbrock Performer 5.0 if I can't get the others. I'm debating whether to try and tackle a cam while I'm at it. It would be the smart thing to do, but I can't even imagine how much work it would be. :( I'm planning on doing some weight reduction, aluminum heads will help a bit, also removing smog pump, EGR, rear seat delete (probably make my own), racing seats up front, any misc. crap I can do without (like that 8lb dogbone). Also planning on getting some guages, water temp. and oil pressure in the a-pillar, shift-light on the steering column (hate the big tachs). Maybe get that 2000 Cobra R hood I've wanted forever. I don't know what I'm gonna do first, I want the heads cus they will do the most, but I want to find some used, since they are hella expensive new. If I can't find any quick enough, I'll do the seats and rear seat delete since that will shave some weight, i.e. more power. Maybe an aluminum d/s, but I doubt it. My friend and I were talking about throwing some d/r's on my old pony rims for track use, but I'm not sure about that either. The only thing I'm SURE of, is the seats. Chris (donjohn) said he was gonna try to relocate the 'vert pump to under the rear seat delete, and making an accessible trunk, I wonder if that's possible? I might look into that too, that would be sweet. That's about it I guess, lol, I got a lot of stuff in mind for the summer. What about everyone else?
  2. get new rims and DR's, buy a couple interior thingys (new shifter boot...mine is ripped)

    and have SFC's installed, car doesn't really need anything else :D :D

    ....besides suspension :(
  3. paying it off....that's all I can afford to do since a job possibility I had fell through. So I am once again stuck at $7 an hour...looks like plenty of 50 hour weeks ahead of me this summer
  4. - go single turbo for under $1500!

    - install the subwoofer that has been sitting in the garage since last summer, and install a new antenna.

    - paint my brake calipers red

    - get the front bumper painted

    if i can get those 4 things done, i'll be good for another year.

    btw, do the cam when you do the heads. i didn't, and i wish i had. does the rear seat delete move the vert pump? i ask because my vert pump is right behind the seat and it is not in the way at all ... the trunk is pretty small, but useable.
  5. Actually you reminded me that I have a brake caliper paint kit sitting at my workplace right now. Add that to the list, lol. I'll get my front bumper painted too if I get that hood.

    Seat delete doesn't move the pump, but I figured if I could relocate it to under the delete board, then there would be nothing else in the way to get to the trunk. If you take your rear seat out, you'll see the pump (behind some sort of vinyl curtain). From the trunk side, if you take out the carpeted cardboard backing, you'll see the pump. So there's nothing really between the cabin and trunk except the rear seat and 'vert pump. Get rid of the rear seat, move the pump, and you got a hatchback! lol
  6. ah, you were talking about making the trunk accessable from the inside! now i understand what you meant ...

    the vinyl curtain thing is the well the top goes down into when you put it down. i am all too familiar with that area of the car because i had to take it all apart after i broke my back window by putting the top down with a tennis raquet in the well. :bang: it was a real pain getting out the million or so shards ...
  7. Well man it looks like this maybe ill decide to finally put my 96-98 rear bumper on and have it painted. Then its looking like heads to bad you should have said something bout the cam thing I got my TFS 1 cam for dirty cheap brand new. it will be going in when i get my heads if i ever do gahh i hate making car payments UGH!!!
  8. Well up to this point I added a UPR Power pipe, put in a new clutch disk, put on a cervini's bumper, got a set of Steeda Ultra lite II rims (Chrome), new black carpet, new black center console and new tires.

    Whats left to do is a Dyno tune on June 1st w/ a recently purchased set of #42 injectors and prob some full legnth SFC. After all that Im done for the yr.
  9. So far I've gotten the SFC's, Intake Manifold, Pulleys, Centerforce Clutch, Rear Seat Delete, smoked headlights and a few other things done in the past 2 weeks....once I get settled into being back in North America, I'll get to the new projects

    I still have to find some heads for cheap...install that with my cam, my 24 lb injectors and 75mm MAF, UPR short shifter, B-pillar floor bar, I have to order the cobra front bumper, get that up here, slam it on and paint it. I've already got the foglights, brackets, and smoked lenses for that. If the S281 Spoiler deal goes through, that'll need the same treatment. I need a major detailing job done, then after that, it should be good for the summer. Oh yeah, almost forgot that I require some bling under my hood, so I look forward to that

    Winter project this year is a 331 stroker kit, and some other exterior projects before I go ahead and give it a full paintjob...
  10. make my car run without blowing head gaskets or pressurizing the radiator so i can drive it more than 3 miles without having to put in a gallon of coolant.. :notnice:
  11. Hopefully double up on some payments and pay this **** off. 13 more and it's mine :nice:
  12. New black carpet, new plug wires (getting rid of my 8.5 msd's), hopwfully get clearance from my doctor to go back to work so I can buy parts and detailing items.
  13. The only thing I've done so far are my control arms, powerpipe, and MAF. Oh, and new tires, but I don't count those. Oh, and I switched from flowmaster to SLP exhaust. I think I picked up a few ponies from that, but I'm probably wrong, maybe just cus it sounds louder, lol.
  14. I need to get a cage installed so I can race it by Fall.
  15. turbo kit for under $2,000 :banana:

    everything else can wait
  16. Rebuild my heads and shortblock since I hurt them in april... unfortunately that's going to suck up all my money.
  17. copycat!

  18. My plan is to sell mine :(
  19. I'd like to do gears, then $500 in detailing supplies, start my own buisness, then work on the exterior mods. Then do motor.
  20. after the june inspection... off road h sitting in the garage, then gonna polish the hairline scratches out and a good wax job, new rotors, paint the calipers, eiback lowering springs... new vert top and tint on monday, then when i have a little more cash, t-5 swap(hopefully g-force) and if theres anything sitting around in the bank before the summer is over... 3.73's :banana: oh ya and full length sfc's once i make up my mind on which ones to get