1. Anyone doing anything fun??

    Other than working, :notnice: I am going to New Hampshire (summer home) for two weeks with Kyle and my parents in the begining of July and then at the end July down to the Keys for a week for lobster season (we're pitching a tent!!). Then labor day weekend in Sept. we're going to my cousin's wedding in Massachusetts.
  2. wow never heard of a florida person owning a summer home in NH lol...

    Im going to vermont with a few friends in june to my buds summer house. Going somewhere with the gf this summer, but dunno where yet. Did niagra falls last year, which was a blast.
  3. Seing as the keys is just a few minutes from me and the winter bird *cough* northern drunk chicks in bikini *cough* are going to be their me and my messed up knee or going :D
  4. Hopefully I can take a trip to sedona in my new 04 :D (should hopefully have one by then)...And right now I'm cutting up and will also hopefully get in a decent shape for the summer. Maybe I'll even find a gf who's not insane.
  5. I am getting out of the military after 6 years
  6. Im thinking about going to a nascar race or two, but other than that I don't really have any plans yet. I still can't believe it's almost June! :eek:
  7. I'm going to Aruba in August, and to a wedding in the Keys and then to a meeting in Orlando in early fall (I can't remember the date). Other than that I just hope to finally make up my mind as to what to do with my car and attend a few events such as the All Ford Nat's at Carlisle, the NMRA Motorsport Nationals at Maple Grove, FFW at Norwalk, and maybe even the FFW event at E-town this weekend.
  8. im going to vegas!!
  9. maybe after having a set of AFR 165, 2031 cam, new timing chain and new 1.7 rockers, sitting in storage for a god danm year. they could be put on the car. and also the turbo kit that sitting in the box since dec.

    would also like to get to some events this summer. in the last 3 years i've been to 2 car shows. (one was for the club) and not even to any of the racing events.

    get off unemployment, and buy a house.

    lol big dreams, most will never happen.
  10. Paul, Jessica,
    Any chance either of you stopping buy while youre in the Keys?

    Im about 90 mins away from the Northern Part. I got my nice Pool all ready to go...Just need some guests to put in it.

    For REAL, let me know if you can swing by. Other than that and spending some time with my girls, Im just working :(
  11. Taking the girlfriend to BC driving through the states, michigan, illinois, the next one to the west, the next one to the west, up somehow to montana, then to seattle, then up the coast to the ferries to BC, then I'm gonna rip back as fast as i can, try to beat my last time....

    Otherwise, car shows, and prepping for car shows, gotta make the car look and run real pretty with all this new found tour money...
  12. You go to Boston College?
  13. Well for my birthday I am going down to ATL for a weekend and catch some braves baseball, sometime in July I hope to get down to Sea World and Busch Gardens since my girlfriend has never been and really wants to go, and then hopefully by the end of August my new house will be delivered and that will take up most of whats left of the warm weather up here in NC. Oh and cant forget the Fun Ford Weekend in Bristol the first weekend in August.
  14. Heading down to Florida next month for a week then i have no idea. We only have 2 Firework shows this year both in New Jersey

    1. 2nd at West Wildwood
    2. 4th at Beach Heaven

    so all you NJ people come out and see the shows (Beach Heaven should be the best its a barge shoot worth 16,000)

    Hope to do some more work on the car.

    Paul: you guys gonna have your dad's car at carlise? Need to know how i can find ya if I come up lol
  15. Big trip this year is the Ft. Lauderdale trip the first week of july we are going down there for a buddy of mine's birthday. So it will be a week of nothing but women, beer, and mustangs (possibly 6-7) of ours. If i'm lucky ill only come home remembering the trip on the way down there and nothing else or that is the way it usually goes.
  16. Going to Vegas, New Orleans, and mabey Amsterdam.
  17. PM me.
    The Towers Shops we go to on Fridays to look at all the cars is in Ft Lauderdale, about 20mins from me.

    Anyone coming down to S. FL.. Make sure you give me a shout!
  18. I do enough traveling due to work so going on trips this summer is out.

    I'll be working on the car. We have a week on the beach. It's only minutes from the house. That's our big vacation.
  19. I'll be finishing my damn thesis.

    And working on my mustang, and getting back to work on my '74 F100. . .

    Hopefully getting a full time job. . .

    (and maybe a trip to AZ for a rust-free Bronco for winter and plowing :D )
  20. I plan on hitting up the lake a lot, and maybe head down to Corpus or Port Aransas too. Having my grad party this weekend, that's gonna be pretty pimp. Planning on modding the hell outta my car if I can. Maybe a road trip with some friends, but mainly just a lot of chilling and stuff.