1. yea whose car you gonna have at etown on saturday meng??? you goin with yelloh or somethin??? ill have on a blue syracuse hat with an orange S on the front if that helps :rlaugh: :rlaugh: ill come see you guys :nice:
  2. So far this year I went to NMRA in April and I plan on going to NHRA in June and I also have a trip planed to go to Fun Ford in July. Also going to Vegas in August. Should turn out to be a fun year.
  3. VEGAS AND CALI!!!!!!!!!!!! Courtesy of my GF's parents which is the best part. HAHAHAHA. You are all jealous!!!!
  4. Silly man. :canada: I like my igloos

    Side note, if anyone is along my route, let me know, maybe we could meet up along the way :nice: