Summit exshast system HELP!!!!

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  1. Well first of all let me get stright to the point, I was being "cheap":notnice:


    Well for my Qestion, i bought this summit racing exshast system for about $160
    I ran into alot of problems and need some help

    1. It dosn't fit my try y headers, But i was told by the "Rep" That they would fit for my car

    2. the pipping is not long enough to clear the floor pans.

    3. The turbo mufflers they gave me are huge!!!

    Ok so this is what happend i called summit and asked them a couple of qestions about buying a exshast system from them, the rep told me that this would be the best and CHEAPEST system for me.
    As i was installing it I found out that the pipes dont match with my pipes ??
    the try y's are 2 1/4 piping and the set-up is 2 1/4 it sould fit right?

    well so I went on and cut the ends off and put togehter somthing to make it fit.
    Ok done
    Next part Mufflers, Theres not way these will fit under there!!! But i lifted the car and stuck them on for now.
    Then comes the rear end piping, ok it went over easy BUT agian the pipes did not reach the end of the car???????

    I dont know what to do anymore It is the worst fitting bolt on kit I have ever recieved, i dont know If i can send it back beacuse I cut a peace?

    Can anyone help me with this any one know about summits rules to returns?
    THey outright sold me CRAP!!!

    THanks agian Stangnet :nice:

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  2. Ouch, someone else got hit by that POS. I was *this* far away from buying it when I found out the truth. Lucky for you, Summit seems to be pretty understanding when it comes to returns. NPD has some decently priced systems, or you can buy the Summit H-pipe kit and the Flowmaster $100 tailpipes and have the rest made.
    Good Luck!
  3. Not all header outlets are the same. Same goes for the rear valance - you have tips, turndowns, valance-through GT style trumpets, etc. That kit is made to be brought to the exhaust shop, which would still be cheaper than having the shop fab one up from scratch.

  4. but I dont get why the rep told me that I wouldn't have to weld anything together? I was looking for the "best bolt on kit" and he recommended that to me.

    maybe if i bought the x-pipe and hooked it up that way??
  5. The rep was probably just reading off the spec sheet which does specify your car. It probably is the best "bolt on" exhaust - that they carry. Otherwise they sell the Magnaflow and Flowmaster systems for ~$400, which still need welding no matter what they tell you. Don't let included clamps fool you; most exhaust kits for old cars are far from bolt-on especially if you want over the axle tailpipes.
  6. My old Flowmaster tailpipes had to be bent slightly to fit properly. IIRC, they were also short, but I believe they do that to make them fit whatever rear valance you have. You add your own tips. My new 3" Magnaflow system is also short, stopping well ahead of the rear valance with turn downs.

    I spent $300 to get a shop to connect the x pipe crossover to the headers. Yes, I felt ripped off as it was only about 10" of pipe on either side. I don't know that what you got was crap, but you definitely get what you pay for.

    I wouldn't expect to be able to return it once it's been cut on, but post some pics of those mufflers so we know how big is "big" and maybe someone can offer some advice. You'll probably have to go to a muffler shop to get them to make it all fit.
  7. I've bought that kit and made it fit to some tri-ys and through a GT valance on a 1966. I also purchased the Summit x-pipe package. There was enough tubing with the x-pipe addition.

    I knew I would have to weld the exhaust together, but I also had to add some tubing and additional bends to make it work in my application.

    I just read Summits ad about them and it says nothing about welding??? There are so many header configurations that I find it hard that one universal kit would work in all applications. Good luck, and if you need pics of how I made them fit to my tri-ys let me know.
  8. Ok well I called summit today and they told me to call the maker of the kit, It was from a company called Heartthrob Exhaust I talked with the guy and he told me that he used a hooker header with a 3" collector as a mock up for this set, I asked him IS that a common header on these mustangs and he replied NO????
    I am not sure whats his logic here but I guess you have to find out after you buy the dang thing.

    Ok so I called summit back told them what happend they said thank you for the Info on the item we will take some notes for it.

    also they told me to send the item back for a return - the shipping. thank god

    I found these 2 sets that I really like to get would they fit with my setup?
  9. IMO the time you've already spent on it, plus the time sending it back you could've just ordered the universal X-pipe, taken the car to an exhaust shop with the Summit kit and x-pipe, let them line it up and weld, and be done with it. They already have the tools and surplus pipe to mate the kit up within an hour, where as you'd spend hours on your back trying to puzzle those things together. Do you have a chop saw? A hand-held pipe cutter while under a car is a good way to learn a few swear word combos. How would you cut/mate the angles? The shop would probably even traded the right sized mufflers for you considering yours are still new.
  10. If you can, have most of the pieces ready before you take it to a muffler shop or you'll leave their minus an arm and a leg, lol.

    They wanted about $350.00 in my area to finish off my 91 Silverado, I allready had the Purple Hornets installed, was up and over the axle w/ one pipe so not much more to do w/ the equipment they have avail. to finish up the other.

    You can buy a metal cutting blade to fit a circular saw at any Lowes, Home Depot, I have the gaurd removed on mine to make things easier. I'm a welder so that certainly made things possible to finish my own work and it turned out better than what they would have done. Make sure you've got some good leather gloves if you cut w/ the circular saw w/ metal cutting blade, it gets a bit warm.

    Yea, Summits pretty good to deal with, your lucky they took them back considering you cut into one allready. Good luck, we all have these headaches when dealing w/ exaust.
  11. If you can return your system to Summit, look into this system . I bought on for my fastback and it fit perfectly. The whole thing tucks up nicely, the mufflers sound great and it was very reasonably priced. You have to specify which headpipe you want (long tube headers, tri-y's or stock manifolds) but it fit like a glove. I actually bought two (a freind with a restored '67 convert wanted one) and they both fit with no hassles. My tri-y headpipe did need to be welded together, but it fit great and I had the whole thing in the car in about an hour and a half.
  13. Hooker headers are pretty popular..I think all headers have a three inch collector on them, then they get necked down with an adapter to what ever size pipe you want to run..The mufflers in the picture look like they should fit fine..The problem with universal kits, is that they fit nothing..But that is because they allow the purchaser to make lots of choices. You have to/get to decide whether you want a down pipe, a chrome tip, or however you want to terminate the tubes. I have found that with a little effort, you can find an old, retired guy that runs an exhaust shop that will fix you up for around three to four hundred or so dollars, depending on mufflers. And a lesson is learned here, in that sometimes you do get what you pay for, and there is a reason you take stuff to somebody else..I've got a pretty good tool box, but no lift, or welder. (yet) So I farm out stuff that I could do, if I had the other tools.
  14. I purchased a Dyno Max kit for my 69. I have a 351 Cleveland with FPA headers. This kit was a bit pricey but a perfect bolt on kit. I only made two cuts, H pipe to headers, and the rest was a snap. I think that I am probably a bit older than most Stangers on the forum and cost is an issue. But I truly believe you get what you pay for.