Sunroof Drain Repair "estimate"

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  1. Anyone out there that can give me a ballpark figure on how much labor might be involved in replacing a sunroof drain tube on a 2010 Equinox? The body shop I go to said I'd have to leave it and mentioned it could just be a matter of cleaning it out...but wouldn't/couldn't give me a rough number on replacing it.

    After a virtual monsoon here this weekend (rained all day, both days, fairly heavy at times), the driver seat in my girlfriend's 'nox was a bit damp because there was water seeping through the headliner along the A-pillar/roof rail.
  2. I can when I get to work and check Mitchell Collision. You could have 2-4 drain tubes in that thing, I know my 4Runner has at least two.

    Send me a PM at about 9:00PM Eastern so my phone will give me an alert and remind me.
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  3. Thanks man, will do! I definitely appreciate it.
  4. 3.1 hours for the headliner removal then 0.2 hours for each hose.