Sunroof Glass Spotting

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  1. Hi
    I'm restoring a 91 Mustang and the sunroof glass has what appears to be spotting on the glass. But it doesn't look like a coating/tint ON the glass but rather a chemical process done TOO the glass at the factory. Anyway, I took it to a tint shop today and they said the tint had been removed and it looks like the "dye" in the glass was damaged. I'm not familiar with glass being dyed but I've searched today and can't find any examples of this problem, much less any method to correct it other than replacing the glass. Has anyone here seen anything like this and can recommend something to remove the rest of the reflective "coating".

  2. Here's another picture showing the reflective nature of the coating (or whatever it is) that's on the glass. This is a ceiling fan blade being reflected over one of the spots.

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  3. Test a spot using acetone and see if it breaks up that goo.
  4. Two types of glass tinting, chemical processes added to the glass itself as it is being made and the tint sheet or spray on type, the last two should be removable with acetone like above was suggested or razor blade.
    This is from google search, not personal knowledge.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried acetone but it didn't make any difference at all. I ended up using a dual orbital polisher, some cutting pads and CarPro Ceriglass glass polish from autogeek. It comes off with effort, I'll post a picture later after I'm finished.
  6. i had a issue like this with my t tops, ended up polishing with felt polisher and diamond dust.