Super charger (X charger kit)

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  1. I just ordered a X charger kit for my 2008 V6 Mustang. It should be a blast. Just wanted to know if anybody else is out there with one?
  2. many people have one. i have heard nothing but positive comments on it. a few members even got doug from bamachips to come out and tune for them.
  3. If you don't mind me asking , How much did the kit cost you?
  4. Over a hundred of us out here :D:D
  5. the complete kit was 4,420 which came with bamachip tune so its already pre tuned for the charger and air intake and the fuel injectors. Military discount 10% and then for insured shipping 200 so I payed 4188.00 dollars. Yeah I herad a lot of good comments about it and no one really had problems with it. Doesnt mess up the engine or anything.

    I got the 2.8 pulley one with 10-11psi.. Thats the big one!
  6. Thats cool man, :nice:

    I want an X charger :D
  7. What kinda hp do you get from the X?
  8. It depends on what else you have on your mustang. They say the x charger will give you between 320-355rwhp. I just also ordered the 3.73 gears and the stage 2 perfromance clutch.
  9. It hasn't hit 350rwhp yet. But the tests on the IC are promising.
  10. Yeah I heard there coming out with an upgrade kit to the x charger that you can just order and hook up to it.
  11. here are some vids of an install i did on a mustang scotts car a few weeks ago. we did a live web cast.
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  12. Tom, that is SWEET! I didnt even know you could do a live broadcast like that. Can you email or PM me some details about that process? I may be installing a relatively new to market supercharger on my GT and would like to do something like that if possible. :nice:
  13. here is the home page . just sign up and follow the directions. its pretty easy
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