Engine Super Six?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Mr67Stang, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I have been looking at my local Craigs List and am finding Thundrbird Super Coupes with the 3.8L supercharged packages for about $2000. Has anyone tried to transfer this package onto our 3.8L Mustangs? I imagine the computer would have to be swapped and probably the wiring harness as well. I was just thinking it would be a fun project but do not want to start if there is something that makes it undoable that I am not forseeing.
  2. Well with some searching it seems stock 3.8L brings 193 HP and the T-Bird SC has 255 HP making for quite a bit of work to get 62 more ponies under the hood. I could probably spray it for $300 and get the same results. I think I will wait until I can buy a 2011 or newer V-6 Stang to play with modding one out. Might as well start with 305 HP :) Funny thing is that V-6 brings as much power as my '97 Cobra I used to have.
  3. I agree with your assessment. Unless you fall upon one for free, I hardly see it as "worth it" with the lack of forged internals in the SC motor and the incredibly small supercharger.
  4. i had the same thought about doing this to my car, but this is the only car i have so until i get another vehicle then it won't happen to my vehicle, the biggest thing about a supercharged engine is that you can't just super charge any motor for the pure fact that if they weren't built fot it than they will blow up from the added fuel and air forced in the cylinders, so finding a motor that is built for a supercharger is alot better idea than just putting one on the motor you have. the power difference though is quite amazing i looked up alot of stuff on this build and it can be done and has been done many of times and th cool thing is it makes the v6 just fast as a v8 if not faster which would be really cool unless you reallly want to mod your sn95 to be different than it mite be something to try but if you don't really care and are looking to just get a new mustang than your probably on the right tracks.