Super Snake & 40th Anniversary Stripes FYI

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by ColdwaterHotRod, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Not sure if anyone here will be sending your car to SAI for either the Super Snake or 40th Anniversary upgrades, but Amy Boylan mentioned on another forum board that the Super Snake Stripes will be FLAT BLACK for all cars no matter what your base color is. :notnice:

    I currently have a Performance white/vista blue striped car & this flat black stripe doesn't set well with me condsidering the original super snake was white with blue stripes.

    You will need to place a $10,000 Non-refundable :jaw: deposit to hold your place in line for a Super Snake when they call you. When they are ready to start production they will call you again for another 10K. When you car is done, you will have to pay the remaining balance of the $7,995 + tax on $27,995

    If you were wanting the 40th upgrade, again SAI will only offer you silver stripes no matter what your base color is & a $6,000 Non-refundable deposit to hold your place in line for a 40th anniversary package. When they are ready to start production they will call you again for the remaining balance of $5,250 (coupes) or $6,499 on verts + the tax on the entire package.

    Since SAI has choosen not to allow us to keep our original stripe colors, I am no longer opting to get either package & will spend my money elsewhere.
  2. That is very odd they are sticking to one color on the stripes. Sounds like they don't want to pay the R&D to find vinyl that matches. Heck for the money they are asking, they should paint your stripes for you!
  3. YES, I agree. SAI claims they have 100 folks getting them right now as-is & most will be sent oversea and to collectors who "have to have it" for their collection no matter what it looks like. I did a poll on another forum about the choice of flat black vs. factory colors, or let the owner choose & 68% of the members wanted something else other than flat black so it didn't have the 70's Boss stripe look.

    Maybe you can have a article on the main page so folks checking out the main page are informed that the SAI isn't making this known unless they call you for a deposit. Also No twist style hood latches (they now use pins & cables) No hood lettering, No Carbon Fiber Hood (all of which were on the press release & on there website)

    If any one color deserves to have a different color stripe to represent the modern day Super Snake, it's Performance white with a thin-wide-thin vista blue stripes (just like the original)
  4. Sorry to hear that coldy, I read alot of your posts on that other forum and all you ever did was back Amy and SAI. I agree that there should be optional colored stripes pertaining color of car.
  5. Your right, I did try to help & talked with her several times on the phone. Somehow now I get the impression that this projest was BIGGER than anyone ever thought & someone stepped in and changed the plan at the last minute. Thanks for the support, but it's a lost cause now. back to plan "B" I guess?
  6. I know you were one of the big time supporters on the SS from the get go. Would you consider getting the SS pkg then removing their stripes with your blues. Some people on that other forum claimed that some colors wont be on the registry, or are they other issues your not willing to discuss, just curious. I have the torch red and the blacks will work for me but 30k is a lot of money for upgrades, I can get for almost 2/3 of the price less the shelby reg. I sent john at SAI an email to get on the list in May. The more info that comes out from SAI about the SS the more I really dont like this pkg
  7. I have thought about taking the flat black stripes off once they put them on, but why should I have to when it should have had blue stripes from the get go for white cars? Like I have said before, if they are going to resurrect that Legendary Super Snake name plate, why wouldn't they offer at least the White cars Blue stripes? I know the original Super Snake didn't have vista blue for stripes, but it was some other form of blue & I could live with that, but flat black on white looks too dam generic for my taste on such a great car.