Super Snake Bumper, Hood, Paint Cost

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  1. I just had a bunch of scratches put into the hood of my car by my absent minded mother by accident when I went to visit this weekend. She felt really bad about it and will pay the cost of getting the hood repainted. The scratches are through the clear coat..
    So anyway...i may just use the money towards doing a super snake hood and bumper conversion on my 2013 GT. I really love that hood. I'm looking for anyone that has done the conversion and how much the parts and paint all cost. Just trying to get an idea of how much this will cost... I can install the bumper myself. Looking for pictures too!! Thanks guys
  2. You're probably looking at $700-$800 for paint work, plus the parts cost.

    Will the '13 GT front lamps swap over for the Super Snake front end?
  3. that's what I'm trying to figure out. Someone told me you don't need a Shelby bumper to get the super snake hood to fit. Trying to verify this..
  4. From the photos I have seen, it looks like the bumper on the Super Snake is the same as the OEM Shelby one. The front splitter on the Super Snake is more aggressive, and carbon fiber.

    The upper part of the grille, where it meets the leading edge of the hood, looks very similar, if not identical, to the GT but not 100% sure. The grille opening on the the Shelby's and Super Snakes is obviously larger to help cool that awesome engine:drool:
  5. I called cruzin concepts and their salesman told me the gt500 is longer in the front and the hood is longer. He didn't sound like he 100% knew what he was talking about, but he said he spoke to one of his techs and they said that. He said he was sure, even with the 2013. There is a black mamba hood. I have yet to find a picture of a red car with it.
  6. what do you guys think?? I'm not sure on it...