Super40 Flowmasters? anyone have em yet?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by BLUE03GT, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. so they came out Dec 1st.... does anyone have these mufflers yet? they are supposed to be a better flowing and better sounding 40 series pretty sure that im gonna be buying these soon... but am wondering if anyone has sound clips of them on your 99+ GT?any noticable power gains? dyno runs? thanx
  2. Yesturday man, just released..... Many exhaust shops prob dont even have/know of them yet, give it a week or 2.


  3. i didn't think that they came out until the 5th or 10th, i can' t remember which one :shrug:
  4. actually theyre out already... u can order them on that flowmaster website..which application is it tho? for an 03GT? ... im pretty sure its the 2.25inch offset in/offset out or is it the 2.25 inch offset in/center out ?
  5. from the clips i can't tell a difference between them and the regular 40 series :shrug:
  6. Maybe I'm not reading this right....are the mufflers $109 a peice?!?!?! I looked at the web site and unless I'm looking at this wrong that's what it says. Also the Cobra cat back kit is like $700.
  7. They are supposed to flow much better than the other Flowmaster products.
  8. oh shoot, i totally forgot about that, must go check :nice:
  9. 109 each sounds good. that's about $10 more than most exhaust shops charge but $700?!? :bs: any exhaust shop worth their beans could make a stainless steel mandrel catback for half that!!
  10. yea they are $100 a piece.. but hey! 40 series flows with better flow and sound... im sold :hail2:
  11. you also have to remember thats MSRP,the magnalfow catbacks are like 500-600 MSRP and sell for 350 so a real price is probably 75 apiece
  12. They Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. :scratch:
  14. Yes, it's the offset in/offset out. Stock pipes are 2.25 inch. So go with the 2.25's
  15. Super 40s

    I help run their web site and I can tell you they have already sold 20 sets in 2 days online - however over 1500 have used the store locator to find stores that will carry them at a lower price! The stores were able to order the Super 40s Dec1 so give them a couple of weeks but you can tell them to order them.

    I have seen these in use, the owner of Flowmaster is a frickin genuis, he has 340 patents in the US and some are on the space shuttle/aircraft for the US - the best part is he loves bad ass hot rods!

    They are far superior than the old 40s and Flows are kinda like Harley Davidsons - they have their own sound that has been around for quite some time and nobody has been able to duplicate that sound!

    I even put one on my son's 02 Grand Am - it sounds ****in!
  16. hmm...i might give em a whirl when i redo my exhaust in the spring.
  17. :nonono: how come i never thought of designing the Flowmaster .. everybody and their brother has em' .. I'd be rich :banana:
  18. just curious, if I people dont want to wait can they order Flowmasters through the Flowmaster website?