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  1. Hey guys, I have an 07 GT auto trans and I'm dead set on supercharging it. Only thing is I really don't know what all needs to be done first before applying the kit. The only thing I'm pretty sure I need to do is beef up the trans. And I'm thinking that all I'd need is a TCI transmission kit that comes with a torque converter and everything. Well, that's all I got so feel free to tell me everything.
  2. I wouldn't worry about the trans until if/when it goes. The FRPP automatic kit gives you plenty of power, the correct tune..... all is good.
  3. If you are staying with the stock engine then the trans will be fine. You are limited to about 450-500 rwhp with the stock rods and the trans will hold up to that power level. If you are planning to add a forged shortblock the you will need to make some mods to the trans. The TCI rebuild kit, hardened input shaft, billet servos will get you to about 550-600 rwhp and that's a maybe. After that it's a crap shoot with the 5R as the internal parts just don't have the physical size, no matter how much you try and strengthen them, it will not hold up to big power. If your plans are for big power in the future you would be better off getting a built 4R70W instead of pouring money into the 5R.

  4. Agree with Earl on what you need. You may also want to consider a Performance Automatic Deep Sump Pan and a transmission temperature gauge. In addition to more fluid for cooling, the PA pan has the added benefit of a dip stick and filler tube.

    Dip Stick and Filler Tube:


    Pan and Filler Tube:


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  5. Hey guys, never owned an automatic GT and was considering buying one for a good price. Are they worth having or should I just stick with a manual tranny?
  6. Everything I have read mirriors the info in this thread. It depends on what you want to do with the car. I am planning on going automatic the 5r will hold up long enough for my wallet to catch up with the build... I want to go TCI ratchet shifter and perhaps a 3k stall converter for a street strip application.
  7. I'm convinced my TR-3650 is alive because my traction gives out before anything else should...