Expired Supercharged 2001 Mustang Gt, <74k Miles, $12,500 Obo

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  1. Selling my pride and joy from the last 11 years. This is the car I bought when I was about to graduate college and go into the Army. What does every new 2LT need? A Mustang GT of course! Anyway, the car has under 74k miles and has been garaged most of its life. I was shipped to Alaska in early 2004 and it lived in my parents garage from then until mid 2007 when I got off active duty. It then lived in my garage in FL, and now out in Austin, TX. The car is immaculate inside and out. For my 30th birthday my wife let me spend the money to live the dream and supercharge it, which I did with a Tork Tech Terminator kit and the Eaton M112 off a 2003 Cobra. The Cobra had 30k miles on it when the blower came off to make way for a Kenne Belle. I used only the best parts and bought them all new for the upgrade. I even took the time to hook up all the emissions equipment even though I lived in FL at the time which paid off when I moved to TX where it passed smog with flying colors.
    The full list of improvements on this car are:
    Eaton M112 from 2003 Cobra, stock pulley and stock TB (twin 57mm)
    Tork Tech Terminator kit with intercooler
    42lbs Ford injectors
    Steeda Cobra cold air kit
    90mm Lightning MAF
    3” custom intake tube
    Tork Tech front heat exchanger and reservoir
    Ford/Bosch intercooler pump
    Lightning IAT in manifold (measures temp AFTER blower)
    Steeda PCV system oil separator
    FRPP SVT Focus fuel pump
    Accel coil packs
    Custom dyno tune by Real World Horse Power in West Palm Beach FL
    Diablo Sport Predator programmer with factory and custom tunes installed, comes with car
    Ram HDX clutch, rated up to 400 RWHP, approx 5,000 miles on clutch
    Steeda adjustable clutch setup
    FRPP 3.73 gears
    Summit Racing structural differential cover
    Steeda subframe connectors, installed by Steeda in Pompano Beach FL
    SVE Cobra spec front brake kit from Latemodel Restoration
    SVE reproduction 03 Cobra rims, 17x9 front 17x10.5 rear with factory pony center caps
    Nitto NT555 tires 275/45/17 front, 315/35/17 rear, approx 5,000 miles on rims and tires
    Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
    Flowmaster 40 series cat-back exhaust
    Ford 2003 Cobra hood, not a cheap reproduction fiberglass hood
    Ford 3 piece Mach 1 grill delete kit
    Factory H-pipe currently installed, have BBK off-road pipe as well that comes with the car (you can use the programmer to turn off the downstream sensors)
    New O2 sensors, all four
    378hp/382tq at the rear wheels with X-pipe installed
    Steeda steel rear control arms, upper and lower
    FRPP Lowering springs, I can't recall which part number but they only lowered the car slightly more than an inch so it wouldn't need a bump steer kit or caster/camber plates
    Tokico HP series shocks and struts
    Gauges from 2001 Bullit, transfered odometer module so miles are accurate
    If you are so inclined you could easily due a pulley swap and get a more aggressive tune and get this setup well over 400hp at the wheels. I chose NOT to do that so I could have fun without breaking the car. I did a lot of research on the durability of the stock 4.6 PI motors and most sources recommended staying under 400rwhp although the engine is usually good up to 420rwhp before you have to start worrying about the connecting rods. The interior has zero rips or tears in the seats, I have high quality Wet Okle neoprene seat covers on the fronts to keep them that way. Has the factory Mach 460 stereo system with 6-disc changer. The car fires up on que and drives like a mild mannered Mustang getting 22mpg or better until you put your foot in it, then it throws you back in the seat all the way to red line (6,000). Yes, a Vortech would produce more peak power, but since this is a fun driving car I went with a roots blower for the instant boost at any speed. You don't have to wind it up to have fun. The real Ford hood was professionally painted B7 Zinc Yellow and blended with the fenders. I also had the bumper restored and all the bug smudges and rock chips taken out.
    I did take the car down the track a couple times since I lived 10 miles away from PBIR in Jupiter FL. The best I ran was 13.146 @109.07. I could have launched harder but the lines were moving too slow for my patience that evening so I called it a night. In the hands of someone with better skills than I this is a 12 second car. Maintenance wise the car has always been well taken care of. Synthetic lubricants for all the systems (engine oil, transmission, diff), and the cooling systems have de-ionized water for the 50/50 mix. The engine coolant is the traditional green antifreeze while I used the GM orange for the intercooler system. I did this so that if a leak occurred I would know which system it was. AC blows ice cold and heat works as it should.
    As you can tell I have loved this car for a long time, but I've finally decided its time to try something new. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you have. If you are looking for a fast car that does what it should without requiring hours of maintenance between cruises look no further, you will not be disappointed in this Mustang. Thanks for looking! PB010020.JPG PB010023.JPG PB010026.JPG PB010027.JPG PB010024.JPG PB010031.JPG
  2. Price drop, $10,000 firm.
  3. Just passed inspection and smog last week. Also picked up a WAP block and forged crank out of an 03 Mach 1 to start taking this to the next level.
  4. It is in the mid 75k miles now, also installed a Kenwood head unit so it has iPod connectivity and blue tooth. Still running through the rest of the Mach 460 system.
  5. So you live in Austin?
  6. Yes I do.
  7. Would you consider a partial trade for a vw Passat
  8. Depends on year and condition but most likely not since I'd then have to sell it to be able to purchase my next fun mobile.
  9. Very nice car man. What's your next fun mobile? Just sent you a msg.....
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