Supercharged V6?

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  1. I've been looking for a Mustang GT 99-04 for my daily driver and while looking on craigslist I found a v6 mustang with a procharger supercharger (pcsc1) and honestly have no clue anything about superchargers. Its listed at 326 rwhp and 339 ft lbs tq which is much more than GTs of the same year. This car seems to be in nice shape and I could list the v6 for less insurance than a GT, should this be a serious option? How much is required to keep the supercharger up and running? Anything I should be weary of? Heres the craigslist ad.
  2. You will have to figure out what you want. 326rwhp can be achieved on a 2V GT for far less than that Procharger setup costs that owner. Hell, a $4K 99 GT with a 100-shot would destroy that blown V6. All V6 mustangs (unless 2011+) are complete garbage......and sound like a prolonged high-toned fart..
  3. That car looks extremely clean and well done. That being said those V6 Mustang drivetrains really are garbage. The motors just aren't very good and an awful lot of people have problems with them. Many people refer to them as boat anchors. If the transmission and rear end weren't upgraded to handle the power they'll be toast in no time if you drive it hard. Not to mention, it will still sound like the 3.8 V6 motor, which just isn't pretty...

    I'm not sure how old(young) you are but insuring a GT that old isn't as bad as you might think it is.
  4. Nothing wrong with modding what you got, even if its a V6. What I see looking at that car is this, 150k on the clock of a V6 that, even when left alone, will not hold up to high mileage like the V8. That same ProCharger on a V8 car will net you almost 400 hp to the wheels. And as stated before, if they didn't upgrade the trans and rear end with GT stuff at a minimum, it will likely fall to pieces soon.

    If a GT or better is an option, save your cash and get a good GT. Don't sweat the insurance. Only psychopaths like myself keep full coverage on a car that is paid off and only worth at best $6000, anymore. My mods (taken off the car) are worth more than my car.

    The 4.6L and to some extent the rest of the GT drive train will last a long time and take a lot of abuse.
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  5. Alright guys guess Ill keep looking for a GT, how much would I have to put in a GT to get around 300 horsepower?
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  6. Way less than your blower you wanna get for your V6. You can do it almost all with bolt ons and a good tune.
  7. Under a $1000.....75-shot

    Otherwise, full bolt-ons and cams should get you there.
  8. +1

    Also, your not the only one out there full covering a older car. My 00' 'GT 'Vert is full covered as was my old 96' GT and it had 178k on it when I sold it. My 00' has 115k. Honestly, age is the biggest factor with insurance, assuming that the driver has no tickets. My brand new Tacoma cost more to insure than my Mustang does although I have "New car replacement" added to it because I paid cash for it.
  9. But a supercharged mustang v-6 would be a bit of a novelty, knowing you out run most p.I. mustang mod motors could be fun . Rear diffs can be swapped out easily for400 bucks, including labor of course. But you must rebuild if you want longevity, the diff I'm meaning. So all in all I would subtract maybe another thousand from the asking price, then find random bushings that you have to replace. Start subtracting for immediate labor and parts from asking price. Don't let the fact that it has a blower add to the price in your head. Who knows how hard that engine has been pushed. Remember that combustion chamber has to form a seal, so compression could low. From what I'm understanding those year have headgaskit issues. Another chopping off the asking price.
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  10. Out running PI 2V's is nothing to write home about. Many newer V6's do that NA