Expired Supercharger for my 1999 Mustang GT

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  1. hello to all,
    said honestly do not know how to begin,
    my english is not the best, so sorry for that time.
    Most call me bubu,i´am from germany, hoping at last to find what I'm looking for a long time.
    I am looking for a supercharger for my car, why, here, simply
    Here in Germany it is unfortunately not affordable.
    my wish would be one kit where most everything is there that I need.
    a "problem" might be just that I live in Germany.
    maybe you've even suggestions and offers for me, would be very glad.must not be a new kit.
    most like me would obviously be a supercharger that fits perhaps the original intake manifold, but I'm open to everything.a sct tuner I own already.
    many thanks in advance. greet bülent
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  2. Hi have you seen my tork tech kit in the power adder section its a complete kit minus a cobra throttle cable
  3. hi,
    yes thank you for your message, have seen your kit is of course a dream,
    It would take immediately, but beyond that my budget,
    that's the problem, if I did not live in Germany, when you now add all the other costs are adding up, you just can not even send cheap, but many thanks for your note.:(
  4. ok, thanks
    then I'll try it because sometimes.
    maybe it will work.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.