Supercharger/FP Gauge Owners..come on in!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94GTLaserRC, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Just wanted to get an idea what kinda numbers your FP gauges are showing when you "get on" the throttle.

    I guess it would help to know if youre running an FMU, what injectors you have and what Boost youre seeing.

    Example.. When Im cruising, I see about 36-37 on the FPG. When I get on it, Ill see 10-12# boost, and the FPG goes to about 45-50 with my 36# injectors. With the 30's and 8:1 FMU/Bleeder valve, I saw like 60-70..:jaw:

  2. No wonder you were running rich with that FMU. With your 36's and it hitting the 45-50 range that would be normal.
  3. Thanks Joe..I know that YOU know why IM asking this..With the TwEECer, I can tell Im running ok at idle and cruising...Need to get on a Dyno/wideband to tell my WOT AFR. I just wanted to feel fairly comfortable that Im not too lean at WOT..

    That's why I was wondering if that FP seemed ok with the 36's.


    (BTW..aside from the leaks, car seems to be doing well) When you drive or ride in it, doesnt feel like anything is wrong..smooth, no vibrations, no surging, cooling is ok, etc...thanks again for the help..You guys sure put Must Spec to shame :notnice: )
  4. No FMU, 42# injectors, 8-10# of boost - 40-42# at cruise and 45-50# on it.
  5. That seems to be in my ballpark area. Do you know what AFR you run at WOT, more or less?

  6. 50 on idle/cruise 60-65 on WOT. I see 10-11lbs of boost, 24lb injectors.
  7. well with a 1:1 regulator... you will see a jump of 1psi of fuel presure per psi of boost.

    Example: 40psi idle.... 50psi WOT @ 10psi of boost
    40psi idle.... 55psi WOT @ 15psi of boost

    Mine ran in the 90-95psi range with the FMU on 19's with 10psi
    with 42's i was right around 38psi base 52-53psi WOT on 14psi.
  8. Sounds about right Oink!! Thanks.

    Steeda: Im itching for some Cobra R's!!!

  9. Rob - I'll let you know if I'm coming down there this season. My cousin actually asked me about it before.

  10. From 2100-4200RPM, I'm above 12.0:1 AFR. From 4300-5700RPM, I'm at 11.7-11.9:1 AFR. 12.1:1 @ 5800, 12.4:1 @ 5900 and 12.6 @ 6000. That's when I got it dynoed on a brand new engine/blower. I'm assuming it was at WOT.