supercharger gas mileage

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  1. On average how much worse would my gas mileage be with a supercharger added. Running say 10 Ibs. of boost? Cuz im only 16 and i'm wondering if it will be affordable.
  2. Im getting about 14MPG in stop and go traffic. Depends on the injector size, tuning, and how ofter you "get on it"

  3. Probably get 12-13 maybe.
  4. Are you serious! I didn't think it was that bad. My friend with a blown 98 Cobra, 8psi can still get 23mpg on the highway and gets 19 around town.
  5. boost we actualy incress your moving MPG but traffic will hurt your MPG...but if you tune it right and drive it like a normal car you will get the same mpg as you do now....but most people with a supercharger like to give alittle gas every now and then.
  6. I thought everyone liked to give it a little gas every not and then.

    So it is true that a supercharger will improve your gas mileage like driving down the highway and not in stop and go traffic? I figured it would be worse no matter what
  7. Yea mine if not from driving normal speeds. I'm pretty much on the throttle all the time. I don't drive it everyday. In fact the reason I drive it is to have fun.
  8. Who has a S/C and DOESNT give it a "little" :rolleyes: gas! :lol:
  9. You are going to be buying a blower and you are worried about GAS MILEAGE?! :dunno: Go buy a kia! :nonono: lol and for a serious answer....most of my friends who have blowers on their cars get around 10-12 mpg, but they are the kind of bastards who ALWAYS have their foots in it lol.
  10. I think I read on the vortech site it said something like. Gas mileage will not get worse unless you are driving at higher RPMs. More power takes more gas.

    I think it said something like that
  11. well, everytime your car is under boost, you are forcing in more air than w/o a s/c. Therefore more fuel will be used...That simple.
  12. My car with the stock cam and H/I/Blower got 24 on the freeway. 42 pound inj. Its all in the tune.
    My 10 second car with a HUGE cam and 72 psi inj still gets 16-18 on the freeway. In town use is different. I'm always booting it in town.
  13. Dont go into boost and your gas mileage shouldnt suffer much with a very good tune.

    I know with my Twin Turbo 94, I was getting rougly 18-20mpg in the city... a few more on the highway.
  14. I have burnt off an entire tank on the freeway a couple times and both times I have got right at 24mpg. That was cruising 70mph, with the ac on, and driving on a road with fairly aggressive grades. If I cruised 65mph on a flat road with no AC I could probably get 25-26mpg. Around town is pretty bad. I probably get no better than 15mpg even when I drive normally.