supercharger install price?

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  1. Anyone know how much install should cost? I got priced for around 800
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  2. You can install the kit yourself. Its very easy to do. I first thought about having my neighbor to do it as he does it for a living but i tryed it myself and it was a breeze! But if your set on a shop to do it. Expect $500 and up for the labor!
  3. $800 to do an install?!

    Sounds a little pricey to me! You can do it yourself, it's not as bad as it may seem.
  4. Look on forums for people not too far from you and I'm sure there are some people who've done it many times before that would enjoy doing it for a lot less than $800. I swear, if I got paid for all the work I have done on my buddies cars I would have a nice chunk of change. I've worked on all my buddy's with F-bodies so much I find them a breeze to work on. For some reason the F-body guys are constanly having to fix something.
  5. its cause us guys with F-bodys run our stuff harder :lol:
  6. WOW. do it yourself. easy to do, however it will take you a weekend barring any complications. You'll still have your money not to mention the satisfaction of doing it yourself.
  7. Where are you located?
  8. You guys think $800 is a lot? I got quoted $2200 by a local shop to bolt on my NOVI 2000 (before I sold the kit)! I guess it's the price I pay for living in NY...
  9. does the 800 include dyno tuning as well? if not you will need to factor that into your budget as well

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  10. $800 is really not that bad if it includes doing the fuel pump/s...

    I know of shops around mine that get $1200+ for a basic S-trim install, a little more for a Procharger intercooled set-up.
  11. those prices aren't ridiculous to me as the shop has to make money and the installs can be very labour intensive. However - no way would I ever pay someone that much money to do something that is very straight forward. My two cents only - I'm just cheap I guess!
  12. Last s-trim kit i installed i only charged $400...with both pumps, that included installing an ignition box, and pms also. Maybe i oughta raise my rates,lol.
  13. I'm in south california, im in the military and dont really have a lot of time to do the work. 800 was the quote for just install of the blower. Its a novi 1000 and my buddy is tapping the pan for me before he sends it over to me from nj. Theirs a shop on base but idk about installing the blower. I heard that i'd be fine w/o a tune just by running 24# and a 255 fp. Also the tuning would cost me 600+ from the shop im going through.
  14. if you want help installing the kit bring it down to my shop along with some food :) by base im thinking either camp pendelton, or 29 palms and either way both of those arent too far away, im always down to help out a fellow stanger, btw there is also a shop within walking distance that does dyno tuning and brothers performance in corona either way i would never pay 800 to have someething like that installed

  15. Not worth the risk. Not sure how much boost the Novi 1000 push's but #24's seem a bit on the small side for boost.
  16. Thanks man i appreceate that, ill be sure to let you know in advance in regards to what i plan to do. Im on Camp Pendleton, where is it your shop is located? I wont have the car down here until mid september anyhow, but its good to know i have other options then paying that much for a bolt on. I'd bring the local px with me haha.
  17. shop is in covina, i go to pendelton on jobs every 4 months or so, i think my next job is scheduled for october so i'll let you know what day im going down their and we can meet up