Supercharger Opinions

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by tfraz302, May 6, 2014.

  1. i am looking at getting a supercharger, and have some research. i have decided on between vortech or procharger system. i am just wondering if i could run them as a daily driver on stock internals, and how much power do you think i could safely run? the kit has bigger injectors but not a boost a pump, do i need one ?
  2. ANY power adder can be used for daily driving. There should be TONS of info on this if you research it. I prefer my TVS for daily driving as it kicks in a little sooner. You can DEFINITELY run it safely under 600 RWHP, but there are lots of guys running up to 650 on stock internals. I chose to safely have mine tuned to about 580HP. Before the BAP, i was at 600HP running out of fuel, so I threw one on. For what you spend on the SC why risk NOT putting one on?
    This info should help you get started. I would recommend a custom dyno tune for best piece of mine.
  3. I'm daily driving my 2011 5.0 with the ProCharger at 10psi and 93 octane. It's been perfectly reliable for thousands of miles. I'm running 60# injectors and a JMS pump booster just for the safety factor.