Supercharger or Stroker Kit

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by djk8705, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. What would you all suggest .... to make a 331/347 stroker motor... or to Supercharge a 93' motor which has stock bottem end???

  2. either one is going to cost you alot more than you think, If you want a cheap boost , go for the paxton or vortech 1650.00 kit, I hear alot of great things about it for the money..
  3. Id go for the stroker kit, If you have the money, why not?? Your putting together a NEW Stronger motor that will provide enough Hp and Tq for almost anyones likings. And sometime down the road youll want to throw a blower on top of that..and u wont be dissappointed! :nice:

  4. If the kit itself costs 1200$ ... and I pull the motor myself and have somebody bore out the block for me, how is it going to cost me a lot more than I think? I have never done this before so if there are a lot of other things required please let me know.

  5. Hey TvMango,is that 5psi of boost with that kit??How much HP can you expect to the back wheels with one of those??
  6. what does your current combo exist of?

    If its a stock motor, id go with the blower for NOW results. To build a good strong stroker, your going to need alot more money.
  7. Yeah I was talking about the 5-6psi kits, And yes It WILL cost you a ton more money, You will need better fuel/air/spark wehn you add horsepower to any car.. which mean heads, intake, injectors cam, throttle body, headers, exhaust,ignition and so on.. all I mean't was don't think because the kit costs you $1200.00 plus whatever your machining costs, thats all you'll have to get,, just some advise, thats all, been there done that,, One stangnet member told me a while back, "whatever you think it's going to cost,, double it" And man he was 100%right.....
    The reason I brought up the cheap supercharger kit, is it's reliable power add on, and not too much needs to be done to your set up to handle it.... The more power=more$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!
  8. yeah it's like 5-6 pounds, but upgradable as you build up you set up.;l don't know exact hp but I think the stats are on the vortech site...
  9. Hey man I was looking at your car .. it's awesome!! Your w/c t-5 can handle that much power?? Were almost identicle in Hey not to sound like a fairy or anything, but thank you for protecting this country bro and the lives of our kids.........tony
  10. Get a 351 block and put in a 383 stroker kit. Fix up the suspension, transmission, diff, etc... Later on slap on a blower and voila. :) at least that's my plan. On stage one: Got the 351.
  11. well... if the guy has the $1200 for the stroker kit now, im sure it wouldnt be too hard to spend $1000 on H/C/I and ignition. it would be worth the time for the results you will get from that compared to a 5psi blower. imo :D theres no replacement for displacement.

  12. If you think you can build a stroker for 1200$$ and only need $1000.00 for heads, intake etc. your insane,, I'm just aying for the money it's the best hp add on.... I agree that a built motor is the way to go, but people don't realize how much it really costs....
  13. stoker kit

    say 500 for overbore, hone, tanking, and magnafluxing???or more?
    1300ish for new heads because stockers would kill any performance gain.
    New intake manifold kit say about 600 ish
    New throttle body, MAS, injecters, and custom chip say about 1300.
    New pump, fuel regulator, and improved ignition system say another 800 bucks.

    6 grand for a 215 hp to 500hp?(at the crank)
    Now drop in a new transmission to handle the load for about 2 g or more.
    and another grand or so for wheels and tires
    and another couple grand for a suspension setup to handle it.

    How far off are my numbers? hehe
  14. not far off at all!!! It's what i'm in the middle of...
  15. first off, dont get everything brand new. Get some used heads (that will support the 331), used afr's or somthing along that line, $500 max, dual plenum edelbrock air gap, $200, 600cfm carb, $200, ed curtis custom cam, $200

    then machine work, yes it might cost somthing, but talk to people and try to find someone who will help you out, you can get machine work done cheap if you know the right people. Its not hard to do a buildup on a budget.. for me at least :banana:

  16. show me afrs for 500, no way no how. The most youd fin is some dart windsor srs for that much, and even that would be a find.
    cams cost 325, not 200

    ive got almost 6000 into my 347 setup. Thats the long block, drive train, some igntion and exhaust. Ive still got parts in my garage and basement, which means its still not even running yet.
  17. TIMMY2734 how much do you know about the Winsor Sr. heads? I just bought some and had them redone. Do they provide sufficient power or do they suck?:shrug:
  18. Wow this is funny, now were talking carburators,, great...
    man just go for a supercharger...It's the "new way to gain hp" for people stuck in the 60's.......

    carbs are great for race cars, not cars driven on the street..
    whatever, I'm done here....

  19. I understand what you are saying ... and I didnt think 1200$ meant 1200$ only. Here is what Ive got so far and if anyone would be able to tell me what else I would need to handle a 331. Is the fuel pump to small? i dont know. And I am not sure of the Heads ... like who makes them because I bought the car with the heads and most of the other mods already on the car.


    Clutch: Cobra 10.5
    Rear: 8.8 w/ 3.73 ratio gears
    Heads: Milled aluminum,
    Trickflow Intake: Trickflow upper & lower
    K&N ram air kit and filter
    Headers: BBK
    Exhaust: Flowmaster 30-series Cat-back
    Cam: Anderson Street/Strip w/ 510" lift
    Water Pump: Moroso
    Aluminum Injectors: 24psi MotorSport
    Throttle: 75mm w/ aluminum spacer
    Ignition: MSD 6AL/7700RPM rev limiter &
    MSD Coil Fuel Regulator: Adjustable w/ guage
    Fuel Pump: 225psi Electric in-tank w/ filter
    Mass Air: Mass Air 80mm
    Brakes: PowerStop Cross-drilled front 11.5" rotors with large 73mm calipers and HAWK pads.
    Chassis: Front BBK strut tower brace
    Wheels: Premium 17X9" Cobra R's

  20. Yup your exactly rite TVMango,,But you have to admit 1699.00 sounds good for a super charger,I guess thats the lure!