Supercharger or Stroker Kit

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by djk8705, Dec 27, 2003.

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    Nice start!!! Any alum head is good, as long as there not stock,, Go for the stroker if thats what you want, or the supercharger if you want a easy upgrade, I think your all set for either upgrade,, your injectors might be too light but I would ask around or try what you have, I think your pump is sufficient with what you will have. Sounds like a nice start to a really fast car,, sweeeeeeet...
  2. let me tell you,after looking at your mods again, If you put that small supercharger kit on your car it will scream.. Your car is pretty much perfect for a charger with those mods, the only thing is make sure your exhaust is good, from the headers all the way back..
  3. is my input. With the mods in your sig a supercharger with 5-6lb of boost will not be good at all simply because your current setup meaning heads intake much more free flowing than stock. The vortech SC-Trim was tested on a stock setup and the velocity between stock and your setup will is noticable. If you were to put a 5-6psi supercharger on your combo you would not see more than 3psi at the most. Sure you can buy the SC-Trim and get a smaller pulley but that's another thread. A stroker motor is nice and all but really how much do you gain from a 302 to a 331? is it worth all that money?
  4. what is the compression ratio of your current engine?

    Also, figure out what heads you have. That will make it a lot easier to find the best path.

    What are your goals, drag race, or a street motor?

    If you want big power down the road, I would look at building a new sportsman based short block, then transfer everything else. It will minimize your down time and it won't split down the middle if you add a supercharger later.

    That's a $900 block $12-1500 stroker kit, after main studs and machine work your looking at about $3000.

    Your fuel system is probably enough for the stroker so it would drop right in, but add a supercharger and you will need bigger injectors and probably a second fuel pump also. A custom chip or tweecer would probably be a good idea for either combo.
  5. you can also raise the boost on a 5psi kit with pulleys.....
  6. Have you seen a block split down the middle???? I think this is way more myth than truth, anyways, the sportsman block only supports 100-150 more hp than stock, not worth the money.... I think all of these split blocks were inexperienced home built, unbalanced ,thrown together, blocks with all kinds of huge boost or nos...
  7. The sportsman were actually just de-rated a littel while back by Ford i believe. For big build ups, you know that you really only have 2 choices IMO.

    The stock block cracking is not a myth, liek the 347 oil burners among other things. However they do seem to be very weird on when they break. Many have taken them well into the 10s with breakage, yet anyways. And then youve got a guy with a stock longblock cracking his in the oil valley. Given enough of a beating, they will break. And all that main girdle is going to do is leave your internals in a nice, neat package.

    Just my $.02
  8. I agree, I have heard of that, but the sportsman blocks are just beefed up around the mains is what I was told. but anyways, I love the way some people put it as "your block will crack in half", as if you open the hood and see to funny, not to many people actually build there motors that high also. As long as my interals stay good that's all I care.. lol...just kidding I will be pissed if my block ever brakes....
  9. It might not be as dramatic as a block in two pieces, but when the main webs crack and the whole bottom end is free to roam, it does some pretty good internal dammage.

    As far as I can tell, the sportsman has extra metal where the stock block is known to break and that can't be bad.

    When a hci 347 has a good chance of grenading a stock block, I want somthing a little more substantial for my 331.

    It's not as good as an a4 or dart block, but for about $600 more than a production block it seems like good insurance.

    We all might want 800hp street cars, but the reality is usually 500 or less, I think the sportsman is a realistic choice.
  10. exacly what I was thinking (We all might want 800hp street cars, but the reality is usually 500 or less, I think the sportsman is a realistic )

    and i wasn't aware it was any better in the valley, that's cool,, sorry wasn't aware, I was told just in the mains, whatever, thanks for the info...
  11. im goin the blower way