Mach 1 Supercharger or turbo

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  1. I recently bought a 04 mach 1 and have done a few things to it. I have done a short shifter and intake, h-pipes, rims. Just the basics. I am toying with the idea of a supercharger or a turbo. My next mod is a throttle body. I guess my question is which is better a turbo or supercharger. And how much does the price differ. I am not looking to get a race car out of this but something to just toy with. Also is the installation more difficult for one or the other. Or am I just wasting time with this idea. Cause I have heard that there is only so much you can do until you change gears and other stuff without doing damage to the engine. Any advice would be great.
  2. Supercharger is a considerably easier install than a turbo, and you can probably get one for less than a turbo system. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Turbos seem to just be catching on in the modular world, I don't know why. I had a turbo import before the Mach, so I was already familiar with turbos, so I'm leaning toward going that route someday.
  3. The cheapest supercharger kit I've found for a Mach is from Procharger its a stage 2 with a 3 core intercooler and runs about 5000 bucks. Vortech makes one too it goes for about 6500 with intercooler. Both companies offer it polished or satin finished with or without intercooler and make around 8-10 pounds boost. They both include all your fuel upgrades and computer management chips.

    Hellion is the only Turbo company I've looked into that makes a special kit for a Mach and they send everything you'll including the new headers which you'll need for the install but since you have to use headers the motor will need to be pulled to install them and the k member which adds a few days on the install. I think everything you'll need for this kit runs close to 7 grand. I'm not sure the boost it makes either but it can't be much more than 8-10 because Mach have pretty high compression and the bottom isn't forged. As for which you should do superchargers seem to be a little more reliable less tuning and stuff.
  4. Thanks for all the info I think I will stick with a supercharger it sound alot easier. If I was to get a supercharger what would I need to change on the car. I have been told that there is stock parts that need to be replaced due to adding so much more HP that they can't handle it. I have done only a short shifter, intake, H-pipes. I am getting ready to do a new throttle body. But I quess my question is can I put a supercharger on a stock car without doing any damage to the motor. Also with a supercharger do you have a waste gate like a turbo has. I am new to the car thing I have always had trucks. I have a F-250 so I am a diesel person but I just got this mach 1 six months ago to have something to toy with.
  5. The best way to figure what all you'll have to change is call one of these companies tech lines and ask. The only thing I can think of is your fuel system will need an upgrade but that comes with the kit. Also most of the companies have designed the kits for factory type Machs. As for your wastgate question they come with a bypass valve to prevent surge. The only real difference in the kits is Vortech chargers need to be added into your cars oil system which means you have to punch a hole in the oil pan. Prochargers are self oiling meaning no running extra oil lines. If your wanting the most out of your kit put it on then take it to a performance shop and get it on the dyno and get a custom tune for and that should get out every drop of horse power. If you live anywheres close to Tennessee there is a really good mustang shop that is a Procharger autherized dealer its called DELK their website is
    And by the way my daily is a F-350 powerstoke 7.3, superchipped it and straight piped it so it blows a little smoke.:D
  6. I did not catch it maybe, is your car a Stick or Auto?
  7. Thanks for the help. I live in NC so I will look at the website. I feel you on the powerstroke. I have a 2003 f-250 with the 6.0 I have done the chip and straight pipes and a intake. My car is a stick and I am just trying to have something to play with. I have been taking it to shows and so I am getting into the fever of adding things. What is your choice the Procharger or the vortec your were talking about.
  8. If I had the cash I would choose procharger simply because you don't have to fool with oil lines like a Vortech. It oils itself and they make the same power. However I can't afford either so that is why I am going to do Nitrous.
  9. I totally understand. I don't have the money yet but I am saving for it. So one more last question and I will stop bothering you. Does the supercharger work like a turbo. Is it the same principle. Or totally different. Also what do you think about a new throttle body accufab I think it is a 60 or 65 mm or do I need to go with the 75mm. Also new pulleys.
  10. Yeah its the same principle as turbo more air and more fuel are forced into the cylinder which in turn means you go faster. They just do it in a defferent way, instead of using the exhaust to spin the turbine and force your air fuel mixture a supercharger uses your belt system to spin it and force your air. There are 2 types of sc's there is a roots style which is like what comes on a 03-04 Cobra or Kenne Bell (I could be wrong but I haven't found a company yet that makes a roots style kit for Machs) and centrifugal style which is what the kits I have suggested 2 you have. A centrifugal looks like a turbo hooked up to your belts. Now I don't really any power difference in the two styles there may be one :shrug:. But the kits I have suggested both offer great power gains so I know you'll notice a major difference when its done. As for your question about the throttle body I would wait to buy it (its not gonna add a great power gain on its own) and ask the company when you buy your charger what size will work best with the charger. As for pulleys I assume you mean underdrive pulleys and I have never had any on my car, I was told by a buddy that all they do is give you like 10 hp (which means 2 or 3hp if any at the ground) and pull hard on you alternator and electrical system but that could be false info man you'll have to find someone who has some.
  11. Thanks for all the help. You have made things alot easier to understand.