SuperCharger Pic from Auto Show

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  1. I'll take it!!

    You can now get a factory GT with 315 or 400 HP. Or, opt for the 500 HP Shelby. So, by the number, you can order a factory 315, 400, or 500 HP Mustang and people are still griping about the engine choice (power outputs)????? Not to mention the price points of the vehicles. Ford fans are quick to point out that the GT 500 is the best bang for the buck HP for $. And even with an extra $4000 on the pricetag for the supercharger on a GT to make 400 ponies, you still have a car cheaper that a Charger(SRT of course), Challenger, and Camaro. And, will be faster. (if that's what your after) Ford's aftermarket is a thriving monster that no other vehicle on the street benefits from. With just those Bamachip and Brenspeed tunes, intake, UDP's, and gears people are in the 12's with their '05-'08 Mustang GT's. So what do you think 400HP will do? Not to mention the other mods that will go along with that 400 HP that Mustang owners love. After seeing the performance numbers from Dodge on their two cars, and estimates from Chevrolet; the Mustang is right on par with them; EVEN with less HP.

    I don't doubt that FORD will unveil a 5.0 or 6.1, or whatever in the future. However, right now, they've released another winner as far as I'm concerned. People have a tendency to see higher numbers as superior and better. Ford's running mid 13's with 300 HP, and it takes Dodge over 400 HP to do the same. There's obviosly many other varients to "just HP" to make a car fast.
  2. Wow, that looks like a twin screw. I at first thought it was a roots, but thats freakin awesome!
  3. Nice mock up....but my guess is that it ever makes it into production, it will be the Eaton on top of the car, not the Twin Screw.
  4. i think that's probably a 2010 GT with the Ford racing supercharger kit for the current model since the engine is the same.
  5. sure looks like the whipple/FRPP blower to me.
  6. It's the Non IC'd 400hp Whipple kit from FRPP installed on the 3V 4.6. From what I've read, you could get that installed on the 05-09 Stangs too and keep your 3yr/36k.
  7. Originally quoted from 69mach1-409

    I thought the stang's were now the 5yr 56K warranty?
  8. 3yr 36k bumper to bumper - 5yr 60k Powertrain only :nice:

    Not sure if you'd lose that extra coverage or not by going with the predelievery (dealer installed) 400hp FRPP blower.
  9. I like the idea..but to me it's going to be about price.

    How much is the supercharger going to cost? Because at the sametime, this car is already on the market and only fetching low 30's. I'm speaking of the Saleen based Racecraft mustangs.