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  1. I found a used novi 2000 on craigslist and need everyones help. It was just rebuilt and a 13 psi propeller was installed. How do I inspect charger to make sure it's good. 2 question is this unit a good match for my set up? I have AFR 185's with 58cc, the block was decked by previous owner resulting in 10.6:1 compressoin. Thanks for the input.

    Please see my response in the link above.

    If they are actually saying that the impeller was replaced with a 13psi one they are either blowing smoke or have no idea what they actually talking about. This is red flag number one. The impeller is te impeller. The pulley size would determine impeller rpm thus resulting in more or less boost.
    Secondly I feel that your compression is too high for forced induction. There is no room for safety with a tuneup on a street car with that much compression. You could play with head gasket thickness to get the compression down. I've gone as far as running a .120 thick cometic to lower compression before
  3. Thicker head-gaskets... Lower comp ratio. There is a formula there
  4. X2 on the 13psi impeller BS. You change the boost with the pulley not the impeller. However, 10:6 to 1 and a blower = BOOM

    You will need at least a meth injection system and as mentioned thicker gaskets to lower the compression. IMO you are better off with Nitrous at that compression.
  5. thanks for the info and what do I need to lower my compression to?
  6. Thank you for info, should I be ok running nitrous?
  7. An impeller swap can increase a centrifugal chargers efficiency, thus allowing for a higher volume of air per revolution, which in turn would increase manifold pressure without swapping out the pulley. If that it actually the case in this instance, I can't say.
    Plenty of cars running blowers with compression out there. Pull some timing out of the top end of the tune and keep the tank full of 93-octane and he shouldn't have a problem.
    Doubt he'll want to pulley it for 13psi though. I'd keep it in the 8-9psi range.
    IMO, a Novi 2000 is wasted on that engine. He'll never spin the power to it's full potential with that compression ratio. Not saying it won't work, but he'd do just as well with something a little smaller IMO.

    Yes. Nitrous and compression go hand in hand.

    Sounds like you have a lot to think about. I'd sit this one out and decide what you really want to do with your car.
  8. Not really confused at all Stangnet Staff Brian just ignorant when it comes to boost. Thought this would be a good place to get good information. Going with a new bottom end which will produce lower compression eventually. So I am going to spray the car off the line and use boost the rest of the way, what do you think.
  9. I think you'd better plan on upgrading that block along with the bottom end. You use boost and spray together, you're going to not only make big power levels, but put a lot of stress on the engine block along with its components too.

    You should also set aside a big chunk of money for fuel system and ignition component upgrades as well, because dual power adders are certainly going to be taxing.

    What are your goals here? Street car, track car, mixture of both?

    It sounds like the engine was recently rebuilt. It seems like a waste to go spending all that money having it done again if it doesn't need it.

    FWIW...if it were me, I'd leave it right where it is and add either the nitrous or the blower and call it a day for now. If you ever want to get more serious than that with the power levels, start building a whole other block on the engine stand, while collecting other needed components in the mean time. You're looking at a big initial cash lay out and a lot of down time trying to do this all at once. Work with what you've got for now and build as time and money permit.
  10. I would feel more comfortable with the compression under 10:1 and really comfortable under 9.5:1. If you did decide to add boost I would want to see it only 5-6 lbs. race car and street car scenarios are worlds apart. While some race cars have very high compression and boat loads of boost this takes careful consideration . As gearbanger said, this blower is a waste for that type of level of performance. This blower likes to make good power and wants to be spun hard.

    I would not hesitate to use nitrous with your setup, but certainly would not consider both.

    @Gearbanger 101 while I have seen a very limited amount of aftermarket upgraded impellers, they are very expensive and usually do not support the claims that they make. Furthermore unless these units are sent back for balancing there is zero longevity with an aftermarket wheel. I know that Vortech/Paxton will only work on their blower if it has their wheel on it, which leads me to believe anyone who has changed one has slapped it together disregarding tolerances and balancing. I have done some product testing with some of vortechs billet wheels, the cost of some of these wheels can be more than the cost of a head unit for a part that really sees huge gains
  11. Brian, perhaps I should have expanded on my post. Of course a T trim will produce more boost than an S trim, and an S trim more than an A trim. I know I did not specifically state this, but the obvious is that for 99% of the people they do not send back a unit simply for an impeller swap at $4-500 when for $50 you can buy a pulley. I've owned two supercharged Mustangs and would never consider 10:6 compression on the street with a blower. IMO you'd have very little room for error, which is why I also said a meth system would be recommended - and a conservative tune. If that blower is setup for 13# I agree he will never see that and frankly the blower will not do much for him unless he spins the crap out of it, hence my BOOM remark.

    Also why I said nitrous is a better choice with that high compression, I ran a 250 shot on my 347 with 11:1 and no issues. Put in some colder plugs, bigger fuel pump, a decent kit with a window switch and a tune and he can safely add anywhere from 75-150hp. Zex makes an easy plug and play kit that takes alot of the guesswork out of the setup.

    What all of us missed as well is what cam is he running.
  12. Yup, I'm staring at their 5.0 EFI wet kit as we speak, not 10ft from me on my living room floor. Still debating whether or not to put it in.
  13. I'm considering adding boost to my milled .030 - gt40p heads, think I'm around 10:1 also?? Stock deck block. Could I get away with a V3 Si - 8psi set up??
  14. YOu will be fine so long as you keep the timing conservitive, 21 total or so for something like that
  15. I am running a V3 with 10.5 to 1 and having no issues with pinging, but you will need a good tne and lots of fuel.