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  1. Anyone know where I can listen to some diff brands. Vortech, Paxton, Procharger. Thanks for any replies.

    - Justin
  2. I would love to hear the differences also.. Good question. My Vortech V2 SQ is not exactly quiet.. I couldint imagine anything louder. It would be just completly anoying after a while.
  3. i dunno where u can listen but I know someone with a vortech and a paxton novi 2000 and a series 2. The paxton is the loudest, followed by the vortech, than the series 2. I don't like the sound of superchargers....i dunno why.
  4. Look for a shop with a dyno in your area. You can usually find Mustangs with superchargers there. Local dragstrips are another great bet. Also look for car shows (particularly ones that feature Mustangs)... :nice:

    BTW...the Novi 2000 has a slight whistle at idle/light loads, but is drowned out by the exhaust at WOT. :D
  5. I've got a Vortech SQ, You can hear it fairly well at idle and up to about 1.8k RPM. Then it's drowned out by exhaust.

    It's funny, when I leave my car running at a gas station to go in for a drink, ppl look at me like "What's wrong with your car?" I'm just waiting for somebody to tell me I have a belt loose... :rlaugh: