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  1. Is is good/bad to supercharge a v6? Can you even do that w/out blowing something up? Whats the difference between supercharging a stang and turbos?
  2. Go with the 7-pound ATI supercharger on a 99+ v6 and you should be OK. Make sure you get a good dyno tune!

    If something were to break the rear end. If that happens you could upgrade to a GT rear.
  3. The V6 can handle 11-12 lbs of intercooled boost so long as you get it properly tuned. I'm installing a 9psi non-I/C Vortech this weekend and I have yet to see that setup damage anyone's V6 as of now. If your engine is getting on up there in its life, I'd first do a compression test and then possibly a leakdown test and if all is good then I say go for it.

    I definitely like the turbo idea, but ONLY if its a custom assebled or JY, DIY type deal. I hate seeing people dump $4,000 on a turbo kit when there are plenty of people assembling their own DIY kits for less than $1,000. Just ask around, especially @ and see how they are doing it. Its actually pretty neat, and you cant beat the dollar for dollar value, imo.
  4. actually I better ask some better questions. But first here's my car:

    2003 Mustang Convertable w/ Premium Package (True Blue)

    As of right now it's stock except for the fog lights which haven't come in yet. Basically I want some power that these little rice burners won't expect. :) I really don't know much of anything about turbo kits or superchargers except that they go fast! I don't want to burn anything out in my car (staying away from NOS) but I want some serious pickup. Should exhaust come first?

    But as for the turbo vs. supercharger. Can anyone give me some good pro's and cons?

  5. Pursuingesprit:

    I would recommend upgrading your exhaust to true duals. Use straight pipes. This will help get rid of all the exhaust that supercharger will generate. Also it will minimize risk of back pressure. If your numbers come out below or around 300hp stay with 2 1/4" duals. I recommend bassani myself. They are a bit pricey though. I've also heard great things about magnaflow. MAC is good if your in a dry climate. Also if your numbers start getting significantly higher than 300 you might want to look at beefing up that 7.5" rear end.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  6. About how much faster would a supercharger make the V6?
  7. With a procharger, figure about 60-80% of current Base HP so 193+(110~160)=300 to 360BHP.

    That's like around 280 to 330 Rwhp. Properly tuned it is completely safe for your engine and you should have no worries.

    If you run a vortec they are not intercooled or I should say they don't have an intercooler kit, that I'm aware of(so correct me if I'm wrong) so you have to run a smaller amount of boost but still have some balls for sure. You could even find an intercooler to run with it as I know some have.

    With the Vortec you will have to punch a hole in the oil pan to run a line to. With procharger you don't so to me this is a bonus. But both are good.

    Only do a turbo if you want to fabricate it yourself and/or can do it yourself. There is no good kits as of yet although some are coming soon from what I can tell, but well see how it does.
  8. I've been quoted @ 250-260 @ the wheels in a manual with the Vortech + stock pulley (which is set to 8-9 pounds). As far as upping the boost, I won't be taking it past the 9psi limit until I fab up my I/C setup. I think I am going with an I/C off ebay (its amazing how many are floating around out there :) ) and then either buying a tubing kit (they're on ebay, too) or having the tubing custom made. Then, hello more boost. :nice:
  9. if you are looking for something reliable i would first start off with modifying the engine, you will save alot of money and wind up with as much power as a 7psi~ blower will put out on a stock mustang. I would get a nice cam, ported heads, larger valves, springs, rocker roller, ported and polished upper and lower intake with a dyno tune, you will be looking at 260hp and 250tq frmo this, and if you want to put a blower on later on i would go ahead adn drop a 4.2 crank with forged rods and pistons in it and you can then run 12psi with out any issues every day sho0uld hold up to around 20 psi.