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  1. Hello All,

    It's time for some more power for my '01 Cobra. I have been looking at all the different superchargers available. Need your opinion...which is the best? I'm not a racer, just want to have reliable fun on the street. I've looked at Paxton, Vortech and Prochargers. Any help will be much appreciated!

  2. Easiest setup would be a P1SC Procharger...comes with an intercooler and has a self contained oil system so no tapping the pan...and they make pretty good power could probably see around 425-450 with one...
  3. another alternative to the centrifugal would be a twin screw kenne bell, which would give you some much needed tire burning low end tourqe :nice:

    im getting mine next month, but it seems they have a couple of different kits for the 99/01 cobras,i like the 9psi intercooled kit,they claim [email protected] and 449rwhp at 7.5psi

    check out the link

  4. I have been trying to decide the same thing. I was gonna go w/ kenne bell until I saw the price. I like the fact it comes w/ everything you need, but you can buy a vortech or procharger for less and still have money left over to buy what you need.

    Seems like Procharger is the way I will be going.
  5. i hear ya, the kit for my car really only comes with the supercharger, a chip and the boosta-pump. i am planning on just getting the other stuff seperate, but its still expensive. :mad:

    im still trying to debate on getting a paxton from jegs for only 3488 out the door. but i would prefer a twinscrew. :hail2: