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  1. Well im hopin it doesn't run that much b/c the baseline tune will just be good enough to get it to run safely with more power, then after i get forged internals i'll go back and get a more in-depth tune. There's a guy over on svtperformance whose gonna try to make it cheaper to use the 03/04 supercharger. So if he pulls it off i might go that route. Here's the link to it.

    Sounds good if it works.
  2. I paid $3xx.xx for a tune. No chip, just a reflash of pcm. From Jerry, of SCT.
  3. Was that including the cost of the tuner? Because thats not bad, i gotta look into it up here in washington see what kind of tuners there are, if there good, and how much they'll charge
  4. LMMC-CT (late model mustng club-connecticut) had a group thing. Tahts what I paid total, tuner and dyno time. I'm sure it would be a little more for just one guy, prolly around $4-500 for the tune, including dyno time. Like I said, it was just a reflash of the stock pcm, no flip chip. I already had a MAF calibrated for the 42's. So I'd talk to a reputable tuner and find out what he'd need to tune your car correctly. That way you don't need to spend $ and time having him fix things when you're there. Again, I'd strongly urge you to stay away from an FMU, and just go w/ a tuner kit, injectors, fuel pump, and a calibrated MAF. I think has a good deal on the 42's w/ a lightning MAF.
  5. Ya im thinking now i might just hold off on the supercharger till i get a good 5000 dollars so i cover any hidden costs that may come up when tuning or with anything else. Im looking at the end of next summer, hopefully earlier. Since i have no job while in college, its prob gonna wait unless i get one which im thinking about doing. Also by that time maybe there will be a reasonable priced turbo kit that comes out too. who knows. Thanks for all ur guys help.