Superchargers Starting at $3850.00

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  1. Now until the end of October Magnacharger supercharger kits will be on special. These kits will start at ONLY $3850.00 for the complete kit


    When you install this Magnuson Magnacharger system on your 2005-2009 Mustang you will add 120+ horsepower while maintaining factory like drivability Magnuson's Magnacharger system uses an intercooled 5th generation MP112 hybrid roots style supercharger with internal a bypass valve. By using this bypass valve the efficiency is increased and results in the supercharger requiring less than 1 horsepower to turn under highway cruising conditions resulting in factory fuel economy during a steady state cruise. The best part of the Magnacharger system is it makes instant boost as soon as you press the gas pedal to the floor. This eliminates the feeling of turbo lag commonly found in most centrifugal supercharger systems. Torque and horsepower output is increased from 1,200rpm all the way through 6,000rpm where you will see 120+ horsepower and torque. This supercharger system is a complete system with everything required for easy installation including a cast aluminum intake manifold, factory "push lock" style fuel system connectors, larger capacity fuel injectors, extruded aluminum fuel rails, air to water intercooler system, tuning and more!

    Product Benefits:

    * Increase to 120+ Horsepower and Torque gain!
    * Instant Horsepower and Torque from 1,200 rpm to over 6,000 rpm!
    * Full and Complete system with all required components for installation!
    * Roots Style Positive Displacement Supercharger reliability.
    * 120+ horsepower and Torque!

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