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  1. I won't consider a Saleen until they make the tune available on a handheld tuner.

    C'mon, Saleen, get with the program. Sending in your PCM is just so ... '80s.
  2. Not true. when you put in a new tune, the tuner saves the stock program as a backup. When you install the new tune, it overwrites the factory tune. Besides, here's the thing: unless they actually SEE the blower on the car, It was never there. They can speculate all they want. Let them prove it.
  3. Just curious why Whipple and not KB. They both source their actual blowers from the same company, is it the ECU setup and inlet/pluming you don't like?
  4. Untrue. Whipple uses Lysholm blowers/rotor packs (they are the US distributor for Lysholm) and KB uses Opcon/Autorotor blowers/rotor packs. Big difference.
  5. except that its all the same company. Opcon basicaslly own Lysholm.

    Not sure if the blowers differ internally or not. Any Opcon has been a market leader in this field since the ot set pretty much.
  6. That's also wrong. They are two seperate companies, with two different products. People "think" they are the same company because a year or so back Lysholm bought Opcon Autorotor in a reverse merger, which made it look like Opcon bought Lysholm.
  7. Does that mean this is in correct information:
  8. 300bhp/ton, I really don't want to get into a debate on the logisitics of what happened a year and a half ago. We all argued it back then. Whether I am right or wrong about the merger, what matters is what's going on in present day. The two companies produce two different products, they are not the same.
  9. Just asking cos I'm curious. The 'official' looking statment from Ken at Kenne Bell states what I posted, yet you claim different. How am I to know which is correct?

    As for the products, well I assume each company was producing its own twin screw compressors but if one is better than the other and for the sake of economies of scale I would assume they would universalise.


    You never did answer why you don't like KB, all you said is they are supplied by Opcon. So what do have against them?

    Is it a technical issue or service? Or something else?
  10. Again, I'm not going to get into a meger debate. All that matters is what the present day status is. And that status is that no matter who owns who, the two companies are producing seperate products. And yes, I prefer the Whipple over the KB. I don't want to start a Whipple vs KB debate; been down that road many times. So I'll try to make the following statement as "politically correct" as I can...

    I deal with both of these blowers on a daily basis. It's my job, it's what I do for a living. And in MY personal experiance, the Whipple is far superior to the KB in quality and performance. That's all I am going to say.
  11. Who gives a f? you are obviously not in the market for one anyway. Ever heard the term 'obnoxious' applied to you?
  12. you're just pissed cos every one keeps ripping you for your poor ET's with a 500+bhp Mustang.
  13. Sal, I appreaciate your real world experience and having sent back the saleen blower a while back I'm still in the market for a supercharger and am going to go with the Whipple since i dont see many other options other than the kb there is the roush. so could you give me a high level what you like about the whipple since that is the route I think I will go?
  14. Absolutely. The Whipple has a better quality and performing rotor pack. I have tuned many Cobras and Lightnings with KBs, and when you spin them hard (over 22 psi) the KBs start to drop off in power. I have never had that happen with a Whipple blower. The Whipples also don't have the locking up problem that the KBs have.

    The only thing I don't like about the 05 Whipple kit, is the price. It's a grand more than the Saleen kit. Why did you send yours back?
  15. [ Why did you send yours back?[/QUOTE]

    I sent the saleen back since UPS shipped it on its nose and they beat the hell out of it. quite a bit of the oil leaked out of the case and the front seal was busted out of the snout. I wan't 100% sure that it would still be in spec after the trip from CA to TX by train and trucks. The box that it was shipped in was good for 400lbs PSI crush strength and the inside that supported the nose was all crushed like FUBAR. The kit IMO has unnesessary changes with the reverse of the alt and the heat exchanger is way too small.
    pluss saleen gave me a different story every time i called them to get a new unit. they said they were just going to clean it up and ship it back out so stay away of unit #70 (unless it's got a discount with it) . over all the unit was ok but the little extra for the whipple will be worth it.
  16. Ford dealer add Roush supercharger for $5K?


    I have read through these threads, but I didn't hear much about the Roush supercharger. I was at a Ford dealer today checking out the new Mustang GT (comparing to GTO and Chrysler SRT-8). I liked the car, but felt it paled a little to the 400+ hp of the others. That's when the sales rep told me that they could install a Roush supercharger for about $5K that would add about 120hp and it would not void any factory waranties. Wow, 420 hp for about $32K. Not bad. Anyone know anything about this? I see a supercharger kit on Roush's web page, but no price. Will the factory 4.6L and drivetrain handle such?

    Thanks for the advice.

  17. Very intelligent :notnice:

    You are extremely obnoxious and arrogant and you contribute nothing to the board. All you do is try to out debate others on dead issues that no one gives a flying fart about. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  18. While you keep dreaming about owning a fast new car, other people post with real world questions about their new products. The long drawn out wanna-be-know-it-all responses ARE obnoxious and most of the time unrelated, because you dont know what its like to experience the type of car that these threads are about. Maybe I'll go post a new thread on the Ferrari Enzo you see the resemblence?
  19. OK guys, let's all keep to the topic at hand. I really do not want to close this thread as there are going to be many additions to it as time goes on. So, with that in mind, let's keep the personal attacks, opinions, etc to ourselves.

    Thank you,
  20. A Roush supercharger...I am very interested....what dealer was this? 120 hp and no warranty issues...sounds good to me. I was set on Saleen but would be very interested in this.