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  1. It was Town & Country Ford in Bessemer, AL. The sales person showed me a F150 that they had just done this to. I am still skeptical and wanted to see if anyone else knew anything about this. I was getting ready to give the GTO the nod, but now I am liking this Roush supercharger option. :nice:
  2. sThanks for the information Sal.

    Regarding the merger debate, it is somewhat irrelevant, since Art Whipple is the exclusive US distributor. Same situation with the Eaton. Jerry Magnuson has exclusive rights to sell Eaton blowers. This means supplying aftermarket AND the OEM. Both companies are sitting pretty right about now... LOL!

    A couple of side notes, just a little off topic...


    While the GT-500 was slated to have the SCREW blower installed, Lysholm CANNOT keep up with production, so it will get an Eaton 122. The GT will still use the Lysholm (There WERE enough produced to cover the limted production run on the GT, but not the Shelby GT 500 (An SVT backed project).

    Second- A few more Procharger installations are underway (Including mine). One more was completed today. Also, two more Procharged '05s have documented 11.60s to 11.70s in the latest magazines.

    I just got off the phone with Ted (He owns a Yellow, NOW Procharged 05 GT), and he just sent me video of his Procharger installed. I thought I would imbed the vid in my Project page until I can get HIS site built (Just for your viewing enjoyment).

    I am still waiting on images from him as well as a project name; He will have his own site which will mirror mine...

    You can find the video here... Once I get my Procharger installed I will replace this one with my video, and move this file to Ted's site. Once the page is completely downloaded, wave your cursor over the image to start the video.

    Turn up the volume... As teh page loads, you will hear a sound clip of my Procharged F-150. This will cycle once and will not replay.

    Scroll down to the Procharger Racing logo and the image of the Procharger. The video is there.

    This one sounds WICKED.
  3. That Procharger does looks sweet....but 70 percent increase seems risky. Surely the engine would be over-stressed in everyday use....
  4. Nope. They have already thrashed on it. Fatalaties included TWO clutches, a 3rd gear blocker, and a howl in the rear diff.

    SO, be SURE you don't abuse it. Let the boost do the work!

    BTW- 540 is at the crank. 450 to the wheels...

    No matter though... 11.60s @ 120, backed up by another car at 11.70. Both with stock suspension, stock wheels, and drag radials (Latest 5.0 Mustang and Superfords MAG).
  5. Crash, Any new info on the whipple yet? :shrug:
  6. Well I'll defnitely consider it :nice: But if that dealer in Alabama is telling the truth it's going to take a lot of convincing to turn down a warranty.
  7. Nick, the Roush kit uses an Eaton 112 style blower (like a Lightning or 03 Cobra). Out of all the available blower kits, this kit would make the least power. I'm sure it's probably in the area of 4500-6500 dollar, as the Roush kits are pricey.

    As for the warranty with a Roush blower, FORD will look at it the same as any other blower. It's the dealer that will choose whether or not to handle the warranty issues. Some Roush dealers are telling customers they will honor the Ford powertrain warranty on a vehicle that the dealer themselves installed the blower kit on.
  8. Thanks CobraIILover for the info. Does +120 HP sound realistic with the Roush (Eaton 112) blower? You mentioned that it would generate the least additional power, does that also mean that it might be the "gentlest" on the factory engine and drivetrain and possibly avoid complications (failures)? If it is true, I think I can live with 420 long as I don't get beat by any GTO's or Charger SRT-8s.

  9. It would be a good blower for a street driven car that wasn't going to see much racing use. I don't know if I'd go with 420hp, I'd have to see that on my dyno to believe it. Just for referance, the 99-04 2V Saleen with that same blower only puts about 320 to the wheels. The 3V motor has more hp potential, but I'd be surprised if a Roush powered 3V made more than 360 or so at the wheels. IMO, I'd rather spend the money on a more powerful blower setup. Even if you don't plan to use it to it's full potential, at least you'd HAVE the extra power on tap if you change your mind later.
  10. Yeah, the Procharger is probably one of the most powerful setups right now. I've run them on several of my vehicles. The only think I don't like about their kits is the parts are kinda cheezy (like hardware, couplers, ducting, etc) compared to other brands.

    As far as "safety", I'd say the Saleen kit gets the vote over the ATI. The positive displacement blower has a much broader powerband and doesn't require the high rpms centrifugals need to make hp. Plus it's a much more "factory" kit and look. That's what drew me to it, I like parts that look like they are supposed to be there. Factory cars don't come with centrifugal blowers.
  11. Here's a pic of the car I mentioned above at Fuel.

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  12. I would have to agree - the saleen is not making as big of numbers as the procharger in most of the tests but it is only making 1/2 the boost (and 1/2 the stress)
  13. there is no way i'm going to put some noisy ass blower on my brand new car!
    (pro charger) sounds like it's munching nuts and bolts!
    some may think it sounds cool but, i do not. so, it looks like a whipple/saleen/kb blower for me........
  14. That car in the MMFF mag was the red one, Willy Diaz's car. He had 4.10's, winkle wall slicks,and an off-road h-pipe. That was his best run out of about ten, and it was also with a HD clutch.
  15. Not so. They use the P1sc-1 on the new GT. This is the queitest centrifugal blower on any manufacturer. It has a SLIGHT whine at idle. Mostly what you hear is the blowoff valve. Inside the car NO noise is evident, except when you let off the gas and go into a vaccuum, and the blowoff valve opens. And that DOES sound cool. Unmistakeable.....
  16. Hey, I helped install Ted's ATI!

    Was very impressed with the install, aside from the cheesy band clamps they used... From my Turbo-4 banger days, the clamps they used (the normal ones you see every day) don't hold boost well, but 9psi should be no biggie... maybe.

    The more serious T-bar style clamps are far superior.

    That said, I'm interested too see what you end up doing, crash. The recent article on the KB made the positive displacement blowers look nice... Your comments make Whipple seem a better choice than KB... which would be better, Whipple or ATI?
  17. mike is that you?? hahah.. I told Al a few hours ago to tell you thanks for the help. haha.. I went home that night to find out that the police towed my car while I was gone just because they decided to have a paraid there and gave less then 24 hours notice!!! Al had to drive me to the tow shop and pay 250 for my car and ALSO the police were nic enough to give me a parking ticket!!.. My car was in front of my apartment!!.. [email protected]@es.

    ITs louder because I left off the little filter over the blow off valve >:) .. there is a little grinding gringin noise but from what I heard that will go away soon.. I only have 100 miles on it and that noise is gone after 1300 rpm and you cant hear it with the hood down. I'm happy with it and once its tuned and ready It will be better. I'm just lucky to have peoeple like Crash and mike help me.. Crash called me and babied me through everything.. hahaa.. I took good pics though ;-)