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  1. Yeah I wanna see my finger pics!!!!

    <-- Anxious to see what crash says about the KB/Whipple style vs ATI.
  2. I dont know.. I have nto heard back from him.. I hope hes getting some sleep.. haha.. hes got so manythings going on. Maybe he is installing his now with my pics I sent him ;-) ..hehe.. damn good pic.. I dont know what was harder.. working on the car or taking the outstanding shots!! national geographics got nothin' on me =0)~
  3. You hardly worked on it!!!! :D :D :D
  4. thats not what my coolent soaked shirt says ='-( .. I told him to hold off till we got the last clamp on.. but nooooooo.. haha
  5. I deftly manuvered out of the way to take my 2-year old home right at that time.

    I still say ATI should have rethought the positioning of the clamps on the IC piping... though, the thermostat piping probably could have been done outside the car once we figured out how exactly it was supposed to go together.

    Where the F is crash. Do I wait for a Whipple or get an ATI?
  6. get ATI and join me in the dark side >:). whipple is going to be 1K more!!
  7. What if it's 70 more HP???
  8. its not.. whipple gives out less hp.. but more efficent(sp) and time for home.. ttl
  9. Sorry for the long post...

    First I want to say Sal and I have worked together in the past on a couple of projects, and we *collectively* have years of experience with blown mod motors. Both of us have 10+ (He probably spent a few, if not twice as many more) years as Ford Certified Advanced Electronics and Drivability Specialists prior to doing the custom stuff (Blowers, turbos, Nitrous, and tuning). He is authorized BOTH as an SCT AND a Diablo custom tuner. In short, he knows these systems, and far beyond my scope. Just giving credit where credit is due...

    I will say he is an EXPERT, and has MUCH more experience and dyno time than I do (We don't even OWN one... LOL!). He was custom tuning these things long before I got involved in it full time. He is certainly an asset to these forums!

    I am definitely with Sal on his take on these systems. I have heard outlandish numbers on the Roots/Screws (Saleen for one) however, have not personally had my hands on the new line that ARE intercooled. This is why I never carried KB or Vortech. I cannot yet believe the numbers I have seen were out of the box kits, that is for SURE.

    ETA on the Whipple? I will call Whipple again, but remember, this phase of the wait is a contract between Art Whipple and Ford Racing. No ETA yet...

    Regarding the DEALER warranty once the Roush unit is installed, you have no need to worry. This is why...

    An AFTERMARKET bumper to bumper warranty is included, which backs up exactly what Sal said. It will be conservative, mainly due to the fact that it is a 6 PSI NON-Intercooled system. It may not make the power the others do, but Roush sure offers protection. We go to great pains to ensure daily driver reliability (If I was UNsure, I would NOT have even considered the Procharger, but it IS here). That said, if warranty coverage (Without removing the blowe before a trip to the dealer), Roush has you covered.

    You need NOT worry about ANYthing OTHER than the drivetrain where FORD and FORD ESP is concerned. Installing a blower does NOT void your warranty. Be careful though, SOME extended warranties SPECIFICALLY exclude superchargers! Worse case, a claim can be denied IF and ONLY if a piece of the blower is ingested in the engine or they can PROVE you were racing. NO SLICKS, NO DRAG SLICKS, No racing decals, and no balls of rubber in the wheelwells. All not in your favor... Get to know your Service Manager and the Techs that will work on the car. When we were in the dealer, nothing made work more fun for us that to work on a blown Mustang!
  10. Thanks for the Kudos Derek.

    I have my Saleen kit on the way, might even see it by the end of the week. Based on my past experiance with the Lysholm based blowers (mainly Whipples), I am confident that this blower will rival the procharger in performance. The peak numbers may not be quite as high,but you can bet that the torque band will be far superior to the centrifugal blowers. And let's face it, this car is not light. I'd take more power in the first 330 of the track over more power at the top end anyday.

    My goal with our 05 is to try to make about 500 rwhp on the stock motor.
  11. I would LOVE to see the comparision. I bought the Procharger TUNER kit, so we will use a code Jerrys personally wrote, but the rest is out of the box... Kinda! Anyway, flatline 11.5:1, and I hear drivability is perfect. We shall see. Will get the hardware installed within the week.

    The only thing I see as a problem for you, (Based on Jim's graphs will be you will need TC ON... Heh!

    I know it will run HARD though, you and I know it will take more than 3-4 PSI though! Heh! (Inside joke)...

    I need you to call me, I Sidney has been asking about contacting you. He just got a 3-core and a 12 PSI pulley on his 04 F-150... Work your magic man!

    Congrats on your purchase. Get me pics, and I will build you another project site. Got a name for it yet?

  12. So youre telling me my warranty is still in effect?