Supercharging A 331

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  1. just built a 331 stroker last summer it did ok....356rwhp....but im thinking of supercharging it now with a paxton 5-6psi...i have some extra cash so thats not a problem.....anyone have any idea what gains id get with it to wheels with a good tune?....says 5ohp on stock motor?
  2. its 10-1 thats why the low boost...
  3. you can go higher with the boost of you have the proper fuel system and a good tune. No reason you sholdn't hit 450 -475 with 8-10 psi, 425 with 5-6 is my guess
  4. ya...actually talked to a tuner today and he said the same thing....didnt think i can go that high...if i can hit 450 plus to the wheels id be very happy...!
  5. I bet along with that impressive N/A 356rwhp your seeing some nice torque numbers too on the 331.

    I've always heard that 15rwhp per pound of boost is a good estimate. In that case 5-6psi from the Paxton would yield 75-90 rwhp. So your 450rwhp goal should be easy to achieve, especially with that 331.
    If you install a methanol injection kit as well you'll probably see 475 easy with gobs of torque to boot!

    I have a Mr. Freeze meth kit from AFM. Just love that little thing!:nice:
  6. i was more than happy with it last summer but you know how it want more!..... im going to talk to the tuner and see what size injectors to get and i guess a different maf also.... than im going to order this weekend...
  7. of coarse the tuners not there today.....what you guys think,i have 32 injectors ill need 42 im sure right?
  8. Go sixties the tuner can always dial the duty cycle back on them.
  9. shoulda done that in the first place!....thought i was done have an opinion on maf for my set up?....thanks by the way...
  10. I run 60's with a 80mm ProM Maf . If you're not already, you will need to tune with a chip to run the 60's.
  11. Hpx slot maf and 60's here
  12. thanks guys ended up ordering the paxton 1220sl 60 injectors and the tuner said to get the pro-m 90mm? far i only found it on the pro-m site.. they asked me what size inlet tube am i running?...not sure what the kit comes with but tuner also said to get the anderson ford power pipe?...anyone know what size that is?...thanks again...
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  13. Just curious, what is your N/A combo consist of?

  14. rpm2 intake
    comp xe274hr cam
    75 bbk throttle body
    76 bbk maf
    afr 185
    long tubes
    and all the supporting stuff
  15. and paxton on the way!....dont know if i can handle the suspence!
  16. Talk to rick at rnh he gave me the best deal on my 80 prom maf and he can answer all the questions you have
  17. thanks.... but found a guy out here thats helping me out,very helpful....was talking intercooler but thats to pricey,just build motor last going to run a water/methanal to me,dont know to much about how it works but he recommended it for my set up....gona have to do some reading how to install it....he says i should be good for 450whp plus?....wich ill be happy with
  18. hey bud? im not cheaping out here with the meth kit? it fine for street strip use?....going to find out more about it tonight...thanks
  19. I highly recommend a methanol kit. Methanol injection is Great for boosted cars. Perfect for street and strip.There are 2-3 brands out there but like I mentioned above, I'm using a Mr.Freeze kit from Anderson Ford. They are no longer available but you can find one used if you look around. You can pick one up for around $100 used.

    I have my nozzle tapped into the power pipe elbow (pre-blower) blowing directly into head unit. The impeller atomizes it and its forced into the intake already mixed with the air. Makes for really cold intake air temps. The Methanol/water injection converts 93 octane fuel into 116-118 octane.

    With real cold intake air temps combined with high octane fuel, you can add more timing and boost. Hense making more power.
    It is a requirement to be custom tuned on a dyno to take advantage of a meth kit.
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