Forced Induction Supercharging My 05 4.6

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  1. hey guys i have only posted a couple times, but looking for some advice on a supercharger kit for my car. car is a 2005 red gt premium with a n/a 4.6 automatic. I have done an sct tuner, an s&b intake, stilleen exhaust, pypes ss headers and dropped the rear end to 3.55's. all of this was done before i bought the car, which only has 18,000 miles on it :) but i am looking to making my car faster and i really like supercharged cars, so this is the list of parts i have lined up at
    Edelbrock E-Force Complete Supercharger Kit 2005-2009
    EDL1580 1
    Ford Racing Camshaft Set "Hot-Rod" High Lift GT 2005-2010
    M65503V 1
    5R55S Automatic Transmission Master Overhaul Service Kit 2005-2009
    ATRK10 1
    TCI 5R55S Streetfighter Torque Converter 3000 Stall GT 2005-2010
    so does anybody have any experience with this kit? any good recommendable shops around the coulumbus ohio area? any idea's on power and 1/4 times? Any other mods needed? thanks for the help!:SN:
  2. The Edlebrock kits all get solid reviews from what I've seen, and appear to be a quality kit. They are pricey though. Do some of the forums has a sticky on what to expect from each type of SC/turbo setup. It may be over on allfordmustangs
  3. If you're going to SC the car skip the cams....atleast for now. The Edelbrock kit is great, FRPP makes a kit for the automatic too. As for beefing up your trans contact the guys at Performance Automatic.
  4. Threw a magnacharger on my 05 YEARS ago and now my son still drives it like he stole it. (He bought it from me!) It has maybe 50K on that setup and still runs like a champ. She was a manual, so I'm not sure about your auto tranny needs. The manual with the blower chewed through the stock clutch in about 10k. The second in about 3oK. She's got a heavy duty aftermarket now. If you have the means, drop the blower on you'll smile every time you mash the gas.


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  5. Does the Magnacharger use the stock airbox? Looks sorta like it from that pic. And hello fellow Tennesseean!
  6. you said skip the cams any reason why? with the magnacharger would my bottom end be safe? should i look into a new swt of heads?
  7. With kits like the Magnacharger and the Edelbrock, they are built to add to basically a stock block. They come with tunes that are built around that setup. If you start dropping in cams, etc... you'll have to go get a custom tune from a dyno shop.

    As far as the engine being safe, as I said above, my old 05 that my son drives has maybe 50K miles on it with the blower and it still runs great.
  8. thanks for the great advice guys:SN:
  9. The Magnacharger is a decent investment if you never plan on doing anything else to the car. If you ever want to add more power in the future then there are better options. Give Terry at a call and he can really help you with your decisions, as well as cutting you a great deal on a supercharger setup.

    As far as the trans goes I would stay away from TCI, their :poo: just doesn't hold up. Get the trans from PA and get your converter from Chris at Circle D converters , or Precision Industries Circle D isn't showing the 5R55 converters on the web site but they are making them, I have one on order. I have a PI triple disk 3200 stall converter, with only about 1500 miles on it, that I will be selling if you are interested. I'm getting the Circle D, as I need more stall and I think the Circle D will handle more power then the PI.

    Cams are a waste of money with a stock bottom end, if you are going to FI the car. You are limited to about 450rwhp, with the stock rods, so the extra HP the cams will provide is wasted. Save the money and get cams if you ever build a forged short block.

  10. Recently installed an edelbrock 5psi kit in my 08 manual. I was worried my 3.73s out back would be to much. Driving on them I see they are fine. Car drives like stock until about half throttle. Still on the 235 50 18 stock tires so going wot below 3rd gear is a waste of tire rubber. Kind of fun but at the same time easy to avoid. The system has a very predictable throttle. Car has a softer exhaust sound at idle than before the kit. May be the edelbrock tune or an artifact of being blown. Don't know.
    My kit had some issues with the supplied hardware which were over come but lengthened installation time by at least an hour.
    1. Alternator pulley nut supplied was wrong size.
    2. Bracket for relocated alternator was not tapped deep enough where the idler pulley attaches.
    3. supplied air filter was for a 2010 and does not fit my 2008 air box.
    The rest of the kit was perfect.
  11. just out of curiousity how much would it take to get a bottom end rebuilt? how much will a stock one hold? thanks
  12. The stock bottom end is usually good for about 450rwhp but that is borderline. For getting a forged bottom end, it could run you anywhere from about $4000 to ????. It all depends on the parts you decide on for the build.

  13. It is just my opinion, but I'd stay away from the 10 psi kits without reworking the lower end of your engine to handle that kind of power. The more expensive kit includes them installing the lower price looks to include a cal.
  14. whats a cal? do you mean cold air intake cai? sorry have bad eyes, i know this thread is kinda haywire, but what would you guys reccomend for a forged bottom end? thanks guys for all the help and great advice!:SN:
  15. A "cal" is a new calibration for your car computer. It reprograms the ECU to provide proper control for your new hardware. As far as a forged bottom end, that is why I recommended Livernois. They are the guys that can suggest / tell you what you need for the HP numbers you are seeking.

    I'm not sure of your end goal for HP, but there are several self install kits on the market that can be done in your garage over a weekend with great success. I chose the magnacharger kit when I was in the market and it served me well and is still running strong as my son's daily driver. The lower priced kit from Livernois looks to be the same type, but is a bit more complicated because you need to swap out the stock injectors. That kit makes nearly 100 more HP than the magnacharger and I feel is as big as you could safely go with out reworking the lower end. (Others can chime in here, but I think it is too aggressive on a stock setup as well.)
  16. sorry for all the questions, but you have been a huge help, i'm not sure as far as horse power goes but i am shooting for low 13's high 12's and the horsepower too put me there. but anywhere 450-500 is good with me :D but what do you mean by too agressive for a stock set up? like too much for the tranny the motor the driveline or what? thanks for the help!
  17. Do you plan on taking the car to the track to prove out those numbers or is that just where you think you want to be? If you've never driven a car with upwards of 500 hp, you'll find that traction becomes a big issue with that kind of power. You can't just stomp on the gas like you can in a stock GT and expect the same outcome. So you spend, spend, and spend to get the 450 or so ponies only to find out that you need to spend some more to make it stick. If you go with that whipple, I would venture to say you definitely would have the power to get into the 12s, but not with the stock clutch and tires. I'm not a 1/4 mile kind of guy, so I'll leave it at that.

    As far as "might be too aggressive", you are discussing putting a blower on your car which basically rams boost down your intake to make your engine develop more power. Your stock engine was built to 300 ponies. By sticking the blower on there, you are asking components (drive line, block, rods, pistons, etc..) to endure the additional 150+ hp you would be making with that blower. You're doing the right thing by asking questions, but make sure to read some of the threads here too.