Forced Induction Supercharging My 05 4.6

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  1. thanks for all the help! :nice:
  2. Personally I think 450 is about the max for the stock bottom end. There have been may guys that haven't had any problems going higher and there have been many guys that blew their stuff up at 450. The tune has everything to do with making the stock engine live with FI. the stock rods will hold up fairly well as long as you don't run into detonation. Detonation is what kills engines, the stock rods cannot handle the pound caused by detonation and give up the ghost.

    Keeping it around 450 just gives you a little cushion, in case you get a bad load of gas and such. As TicketMeRed05GT says going with more HP is a balancing act between reliability, traction and the fun factor. Being able to go out and pound on the car is a lot more fun then going out and always worrying about breaking something. I also think 550 is about the max for a fun street car. I have turbos, so I can run about any HP I want and I run the boost for around 500 normally. I run MT 305/45/R18 DR's all summer and they will barley hold 500 in the low gears on the street. Much more then that and even those tires just spin.

    Think about your overall budget and what you want to do with the car before you decide which blower to go with. A twin screw type is lots of fun if you want to fry tires. The way a PD blower comes on so hard it is hard to make it hook at all on the street. Another good choice, I think, is a centrifugal like I gave the web site for. A centrifugal comes in much smoother then a PD and is much easier to control on the street. I love turbos myself and if you want to consider a turbo give these guys a call
    They make a great kit at a very good price with lots of options for future growth. One of the great things about turbos is the ability to vary the power and that you don't have to always have to worry about throwing a belt. Give everything full consideration before you make your decision.

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  4. i come from a diesel background, especially a performance background which is why i'm off on some of my gas terms :bang: but i love turbos, just don't know about one on a car, haven't seen too many of them and want to know more about them. like ease of install, driveability, how it reacts to the weather, we go from 100+ this summer to -10 or so on average throughout the year, but this car will mainly be a spring summer fall driver anyway. is a turbo faster than supercharger, is it necessarily more safe than a sc? what the difference between a turbo and a belt powered pro charger? will this turbo react like one in a truck? sorry for all the newbie questions guys!
  5. Sounds like you might want to do some more general research about differences between the power adders rather than one on one questions. Google up forced induction and you'll have more information than you could ever digest. Good luck!

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  7. thanks for the help and i really need to learn up on my forced induction haha
  8. Im loving the Novi 2200 myself! Although all the others are great. If it wasnt the Novi, Id go with Kenne Bell
  9. Supercharge below about 8psi. Turbo above. That is if all the air ducting under the hood is acceptable. Twin screw or turbo above about 15 psi. Turbo or TVS displacement blower below. Run stock, blower, or turbo cams with forced induction. Centrifugal blowers if you can live with their sound. Some like it and some don't.
  10. i am running a granatelli 302 stroker bottom end. their short blocks are great. they have short blocks ranging from 700hp all the way to 1500hp rated which is what i have. if you plan on going anything over 450whp then you need to have a built short speaking from experience. i was around 490-500whp and put a rod through the block. the stock rods and pistons are like glass. i would suggest between the kenne bell..i had one on an 03 gt awesome twin screw or the whipple. make sure you get one that has the intercooler so your intake air temp is low so you reduce the risk of detonation. that will destroy a motor in no time
  11. Check out Kenne Bell. Unlike what you heard in this thread, you DO NOT HAVE to have it dealer installed. I just installed one on my 05 GT manual. Kicks you know what.... Haven't had any issues with my stock clutch or bottom end. Check em' out. Be prepared to spend about $6Gs.
  12. Being an FI newb, let me ask this. How much is invested in a FI setup including the purchase of a 2005 GT ($15k?) Plus the supercharger kit, engine build-up, beefed opposed to simply buying a 2008 Shelby from a dealer ? The Shelby is $30k.....550 HP, with drive train and suspension to match. Not casting stones, just debating the fate of own 05 GT.
  13. Get the GT500, with just a couple of fairly inexpensive mods it will be making 600rwhp. If you are having someone do the work on yours it would take about $30,000, or more, on your 05 to come close to the GT500 and you would still only have an 05 GT as far as value.

  14. Thanks Earl, you've validated my calculator (LOL)