Superchip: Tuneable at home?

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  1. I was wondering if they make any sort of setup where as i can re-tune my superchip myself? I would really like to be able to keep the chip, but would like to do some tweaking. I think i heard somewhere that they may make a "tuner kit" or something so you could re-program the chips? thanks.
  2. Kyle

    I'm not sure if you have an interface like the Tweecer
    You burn a chip
    SCT does offer a way to self tune.

    IIRC, they call it a Pro Racers Package or something like that.

  3. If you have an SCT chip yes you can, but it's not cheap for us EEC IV users. You need the software ($299) a chip burner ($300) a decent wideband and it's a good idea to get the tuning manual too.

    if it's a blue Superchip - no you can't do anything with it.


  4. Doesnt sound much more expensive than the average tweecer or PMS setup.
  5. Well, if you already have a chip, it isn't, but a chip adds 270-300 to that. But it's the same SW we tuners use.
  6. wow, i was thinking of going with a PMS or a TwEECER eventually, but this seems like a good idea. yeah, The chip i have is an actual superchip that can be was a dyno tune chip. seems to save me some money.
  7. Hey Kyle

    I saw some guys using the SCT stuff on TV the other day. :D

    I was really impressed with how slick it was. :nice:

  8. I've sold a bunch of Pro Racer Packages to EEC IV people recently - and they seem to like them really well. You also get a base tune which whoever sells you it does for you - or better yet get the dealer who DT the car to give you the file as a base tune. You absolutely need a wideband or you are just guessing.
  9. ok, so i was doing a little math. AS it stands now, for me to get into my own tuning, this is what it would cost (ROUGHLY):

    PMS: about $1,000 plus wideband $300=1,300

    Tweecer: Around $500, plus i would need a laptop $500, plus a wideband $300=1,300

    Superchip: software $299, a chip burner $300, wideband $300 = $900

    So, the way i see it, i dont really need a laptop with the superchip setup...because it offers no datalogging features...BUT, is this a bad thing? How much do i need datalogging for self tuning? When they origionally programmed the chip, they would dyno the car, see the rich/lean spots, then re-burn the chip and run it again....would i have to do this the same way, and how effective is it?

    If the superchip setup seems to be possible, i would like to go that route as i allready bought a ~500 chip, and the car actually runs damn good...but i always want to tweak stuff. Also, i watched as they programmed the chip, and it seemed quite easy, as everything was explained in the program, and it seemed to give TONS of options.

    What would you DO? Thanks guys
  10. Kyle

    If you look around, you can find laptops with dead batteries for around 100 bux.

    Another 50 to 100 for a fresh battery.

    You really don't need a hot rod laptop to tweec.

    As for datalogging ... I would not wanna tune without it :)

    PMS peeps would certainly tell you different.

    It seems to always get down to this IMHO .................

    Even though each method is different ..............
    that don't make either right or wrong.

  11. You may be able to save a little more on the wide band. :shrug:

    Since the Tweecer can data log, you really don't need a wide band with datalogging features or a lot of other options.

    Good luck with which ever way you decide to go :)

  12. wow im impressed that you even reply to my posts, with all the bad words we had.
  13. That was in the past!

    Its childish for peeps to hold a grudge.

    I made a decision to change ...... for the better.

    I would say two things to you at this time. :D

    1) I was so very impressed with your twin turbo project :hail2:

    2) Not everybody has what it takes to do things differently
    Go against the mainstream of others expectations

    Seems to me ... you deserve at least one :nice:

  14. You'll need a laptop with the SCT Racer Package. I bought mine from Don95Vert and his base tune was spot on and his support was great. I would highly recommend getting the software from him if you choose to go SCT.
  15. I paid $299 for the software, $100 for the chip burner (got it used) $349 for the wideband, $400 for the SNEEC datalogger, and I already had the chip from a previous dynotune.