Superchips Max Micro Tuner

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stang96blkgt, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. I have the opportunity too purchase a used 1725 Superchips Tuner for 96-03 4.6L....Heres the deal i was looking at the Superchips site and it says if you get a certain error code , it means it wont program more than 1 automobile..I dont want to spend 200 bucks on something that wont work

    Any thoughts on this would be great
  2. The tuner is vin locked so it will only work on the car it was first used on. You are still able to read DTC's with the tuner however
  3. I dont know if the Superchips is the same way, but on the Hypertech if you set the programming back to stock you can use it on another vehicle.

    Basically, they have to uninstall it from their car before you can program yours

  4. What Cen10 said. I have the 1725 and it will only tune the first car it is used on. It says so right in the instruction booklet. I wouldn't buy a used one. It will read codes though.
  5. Hello.. I have a Superchips 1725 that I am putting on Ebay and I used it on 2 cars.. My 2003 Crown Vic and my 1998 Mustang GT.. I could only use it on one vehicle at a time but I never had a problem doing it. I had returned both cars to stock before selling them..