Supply 100% Oxygen gas into intake..

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  1. I had a great idea...we all know(well, I sure know) how crappy my car runs up here in the alps..aka Rocky Mountains..
    I work at a hospital, and am pretty sure I could get my hands on an oxygen tank and regulator, and tubing..

    What would happen if I put the tank in my car, then ran the tubing through the firewall, to give a nice addition of pure oxygen to right in front of the filter..or even into the tubing on the intake itself..

    Would I run the risk of explosion of the oxygen tank? I would need a tune I am guessing? What are the other risks? Can it be done?
  2. :nonono:

    100% oxygen in not flameable, more like explosive.
    100% Oxygen is reason why crew of Apolo1 died in 01/27/67

    U want to take a chance, go ahead. I think it would be safer, and cheaper to just run off the shelf Nos system...
  3. lol can you say boom? if you really wanna go some kinda route like that, dont use pure o2, use normal air but make sure it is compressed=comes out very cold, might do something, who knows. might be fun to mess with. otherwise go nitrous.
  4. oh i saw in 5.0 this stuff you pour into the gas that adds oxygen, they dynoed it and got like 10 hp and 10 lbs. i am pretty sure that was on a worked over car, but still pretty cool
  5. Move to another state. :)
  6. actually the fuel for rockets is liquid hydrogen (large center tank) and is pressurized into a mist mixed with liquid oxygen(two outer skinny tanks)but yes it was the o-rings on the O2 tanks that failed.
    oxygen will make your fuel mixture uncontrollable,it will burn so hot it will melt your pistons and block into one piece so dont do that.
    the reason n20 doesnt do that is because the nitrogen and oxygen break apart during combustion and the nitrogen acts as a catalyst to slow/cool the reaction, while the oxygen helps burn more fuel. correct me if any of that is false
  7. Sounds fun :)

    Scroll down the page in this link to see what happens when this guy used liquid oxygen on charcoal to assist in lightning a charcoal grill. You engine would look similar to the grill...
  9. While I agree that mixture control would be unstable, Mity2 was refering to the cabin air being pure O2 (pressurized) which received spark, ignighted and burned everyone within the capsule.

    Just go with NOS. It's safer and probably cheaper.
  10. Even if the O2 source was added right in front of the filter, and even a low PSI, if tuned, couldnt that help things a little? I am not talking about opening the tank wide open right into the plenum..just an additive of 02..
  11. Either way the tank will still be in your car. ---- KABOOM.

    There was a bus carring elderly people somewhere( I forget the whole thing and where it was at) Anyhow, Some had oxygen tanks with them, the bus caught fire, the fire caught the tanks, then the whole thing exploded. I dont think it would be a good idea to have it in your car.
  12. Oxygen is NOT a fuel - you still need to have the correct AFR for it to run good. That is Air to Fuel ratio, not Oxygen to fuel ratio. Air is 20.95% Oxygen - the MAF measures the AIR to establish that ratio based on 20.95% of what it measures being an oxidizer for the fuel. When you start screwing around with the 02 content, the MAF will NOT see the change, the processor will NOT add more fuel. Even in the less desne air of the mountains, the ratio of 02 is the same. You will be buying a new motor and kicking yourself for trying it despite all this good advice here.
  13. They have just "air" tanks too..

    It isnt like I was going to spite all of you and go against what you all have said.

    I just wanted to find out a little more about this, and if it can be done.

    What if I put a blowdryer to blow cold in front of the filter? Any good?
  14. some old guy is going to be missing his oxygen tank so thesalad can try to pretend his track is 90ft above sea level like mine is.. HAHA time to move.. :p
  15. I heard that there is an oxygen bearing gas that can be added to the intake air charge... The power this mysterious gas provides is nothing to "laugh" at :D

    As for "putting a blow dryer" in front of the intake, why stop there? Try a LEAF BLOWER mang :nice:
  16. thank you

    yep. Now all you need is an extention cord thats 1/4 mile long....:nice:
  17. Nitrous = N2O, two nitrogren, one oxygen atoms.
    Oxygen = O2, two oxygen atoms.

    Using straight oxygen would be akin to using 4X the jetting versus a shot of nitrous and also removing the damper effect of the nitrogen on the combustion process. *bad* idea.

    Will it make power? Sure, for a second. But its also going to make WAY more heat than nitrous and melt a hole through the pistons very fast.

    If you cant help but try something with those oxygen tanks, get a chrome CAI pipe and freeze the exterior of intake tract just prior to a run.
  18. What if I grabbed one of the "air" is a room air mixture..would that work, and be safer?

    I cant imagine that just by increasing the concentration of o2 just outside the air filter would have such a powerful effect. It is different than running a NOS line right above the fuel injectors..any one else with me on this? Even doing just the air tank?

    "If you cant help but try something with those oxygen tanks, get a chrome CAI pipe and freeze the exterior of intake tract just prior to a run."

    Could I run the tank through a small intercooler/ac condesor to cool off the o2 gas, then have it spill out in front of the filter?
  19. Just admit defeat already lol. Its not safe or even very plausible, so just get some nitrous and be happy

  20. I will never accept defeat..where is an old beater car to try this on? hehe