Supply 100% Oxygen gas into intake..

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  1. sure, go for it. Make sure you mount your O2 tank right near the driver seat where you can reach it, and run your O2 line through the floor and under the car. You can zip-tie it to the exhaust pipe, and run it up along the manifolds to the intake pipe. Your best bet would be to put it into the intake after the throttle, however, to prevent the pure O2 from getting heated by the coolant that runs through it. Just mount the tank behind your seat, and reach around and turn the valve with one hand to match your foot on the throttle. If you have a stick, use your left hand for this, and hold the steering wheel with your knee while you shift, or get a good alignment and you won't have to hold the wheel at all while at full throttle. I don't see any problems with doing this at the track, or even for daily driving :shrug: Hell, if you run it into the intake behind the throttle body, you won't even need your gas pedal - just use the valve on the tank as a throttle - I'm pretty sure this'd work, and it is doubtful there would be any negative effects, regardless of what the haters here might try to tell you.
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  4. Ok if you use just an air tank, I think the air will convert to the same density as soon as it is released from the bottle, the only benifit MIGHT be colder air, but compressed air would have to be at about 900 psi to create a temp drop.
    i dont think air is stored at more then a few hundred:shrug:

  5. "Room temperature" compressed air chills as it exits the valve. Alot. Ever notice how cold the air is coming from a compressor tank when you open the valve to empty it?

    Compressed O2 is VERY much like using nitrous. What do you think nitrous is? It's merely compressed Nitrous Oxide. Theres a video of these guys screwing around on a dyno- they are holding a nitrous bottle and just spray the bottle with their hands straight from the main valve into the filter (Actually, into a leafblower plumbed into the intake) and the vehicle picks up 25whp. (No joke, it picked up 20whp with the leafblower, and 25more with the nitrous tank spraying onto that. I think it was a red Bronco..)

    If you just blow air onto the filter, it will just screw up the airflow vacuum into the intake. Any possible gains will be negated by turbulence in the intake flow... Like I said, best possible use is freezing the intake tract.

    As for the intercooler idea, YES, you can do that. There are intercooler freeze kits that spray CO2 onto the fins of the cooler to boost power, that DOES work.. Install a real intercooler on your car and spray the O2 onto that, you might see actual worthwhile gains.
  6. triggs is correct that cooling the intake air will resolve the air density problem, but it will need to be cooled A LOT like freezing.
    putting pure 02 into your engine is out of the question no matter what, so focus on the cooling aspect.
    using an intercooler and spraying compressed gas(co2 or n20 not air) onto the intercooler fins will create a drop in air temp, but intercoolers are made for boost. on a N/A engine it will cause a lot of resistance, and there goes the power you gained.

    just build a big funnel thats about 6' wide and mount it on the front of your car,and feed it into your intake pipe.
    then go about 100mph.:D .........if you can:rlaugh:
  7. wait wait i changed my mind
    DO IT
    but not without filming your results:nice:
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