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  1. How will Ford balance supply vs. demand for the new Mustang? I've heard they are projecting 180,000 cars sold for 05 (vs. what, 120K or so per year now?). This sounds conservative. How many did they sell in 1965? Half a million? I know things are different now, but still. If there is more demand than they estimate (let's say there is demand for 250-300k cars) will they be able to ramp up production quickly? How long do you think it will be before you can walk onto a dealer lot and see several cars available, and readily get a car at or below invoice? And will they be selling the 05s to the rental agencies?
  2. 5-6 months until they become readily available.
    12-15 months until they are available at or below invoice.
  3. There are usually 15-17k Mustangs sold a year (for the SN95s), I would expect more at the 200-220 level for the first few years of the 05, then declining steadily. Thats a lot of cars fora non-family sedan.

  4. You bring up a good point about rental car agencies. Rental car companies typically get v6 cars w/automatics. I'm aiming for a GT w/stick myself but it might be worthwhile to rent a v6 car for a couple of days to get a feel for whether or not I like the new car in general.
  5. That's a great idea for prospective owners
  6. Yep, I always rent Mustangs from Hertz when I go on business or vacation and flog the hell out of them. Last time I got a vert and was surprised how flexy it was (admitedly I took it on some pretty crazy back roads). The V6 is pretty gutless but still a neat little car for the money--and I'm sure it's better off with the 5 speed. I hope the new design makes it to the rental fleets soon.
  7. Rental cars: the only true all-terrain vehicle.
  8. Yup... rental is a awesome way to go... I beat the crap out of a rental 6banger vert in hawaii a few months ago.... (they really really like it when you go off roading on dirt roads "rally style" with them!!
  9. I smashed in an oil pan really bad on a rented Grand Am doing that once.
  10. seems like an awfully expensive test drive to me....though I guess its good if you want to see what its like in the real world and not whatever route the dealer wants you to use
  11. I once rented a new beetle for my sisters 16th birthday. The car had just come out and she couldn't stop talking about it. Of course, I was her hero (her and every 12 and under kid on my block). I must admit, I was amazed at how incredibly stable was at 100mph.