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  1. He was rear ended by a F-150 going 60mph while stopped

    he had a blow the the head and has a concussion, his wife was banged up, both will be ok.

    His older daughter has a shattered leg and some pretty major head injuries.

    They lost there 6 month old.

    Eades and wife are out of the Hospital but the little girl is still in the hospital.

    donations can be made to Pay pal [email protected]

    ALL donations go directly to Chris and his family. He has all the info already.
  2. My deepest sympathies and best thoughts to him and his wife and family :(

    Not sure but is it safe to post that bank info like that?
  3. Damn, that is just horrible. I can't even imagine the pain of losing a child :( They are in my prayers, and the paypal donation has already been sent.
  4. Dunno, killed it just in case If you want to give use the paypal
  5. That's horrible. My wife is pregnant and i'm a lot more sensitive to this kind of news now. I'm sorry to hear this and God bless them.
  6. sorry about the loss of the 6 month old....hope everyone else comes out ok...
  7. Sorry to hear about the loss of his 6 month old i know how it feels to lose a young one like that (my sister) I hope his other daugther gets better soon. My prayers go out to him tonight
  8. god bless him and his family
  9. I cannot imagine losing one of my kids, my prayers go out to the entire family.
  10. Absolutely. I lost my older brother when we were younger and I know EXACTLY what that does to a family. My deepest condolences go to the family and friends, and of course, my prayers.
  11. Lost my best friend in 89 in a Mustang accident- can't imagine one of my kids. Thoughts, prayers and condolences to the whole family.
  12. Oh my gosh...I can't even fathom what they must be going through.

    Thoughts and prayers to your family...
  13. Wow, my deepest sympathies to Chris and his family. I just sent a PM to KillerCanary, so maybe we can get another thread stickied in 94-95 Talk, too. Any possibility of putting this up on the front page of the forums, so the members that know him who don't wander into here frequently can send donations and their sympathies?
  14. Some bad news about eades5.0 (Chris) and family.

    I just saw a thread over in 5.0 Tech about Chris, and had to post it over here for you guys that don't head over to the other side of the site.

    Here's the link to the original thread.

    Paul (KillerCanary), you have a PM from me asking if you had heard about this, so you can disregard it since I decided to go ahead and post it here.

    Chris, if you happen to read this thread, my deepest sympathies for you and your family in your time of grief.
  15. Woah man!!!! That really sucks!!!! My prayers out to him and his family!!!
  16. OMG THATS HORRIBLE!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to them
  17. I put it in the General Disscussion area as well
  18. Thanks. I just posted a thread in 94-95 Talk quoting your first post and put a link to this thread, too.
  19. I read your other thread, you beat me to it here, so I made it a sticky
  20. Holy **** that's horrible. Sorry to hear about the loss of the baby. Hope everyone else is ok. My prayers out to him and his family.