Support JennaBears & Why It Was Created.

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  1. When you get somewhere we can send a donation, let me know. Ill send a donation.
  2. +1
  3. Thank you to the very few that replied

    More to come
  4. I gotta applaud you bro, rather than sitting around being sad about what happened (and who could have blamed you) you're throwing your energy into doing something good in your daughters memory.

    Lots of little girls and maybe even boys will be getting some much needed comfort from this, and your daughters spirit will live on in each one of them!
  5. Chris,
    I read the thread and am very willing to donate to a very heart touching cause.......I just did not reply.....waiting for the NP site ...and good luck with paypal helping out......I tried that one before....didn't even respond....I'll keep an eye on this thread.......

  6. I was so frustrated last night, tried to reply but cable connection gave me the finger again (like it's been doing the last week :bang: ) What an amazing idea and cause, I was telling my family about them today and they're interested too.
  7. Can you receive/donate the actual bears? Our spare bedroom has a good amount of teddy bears just sitting collecting dust on the bed, we really do not know what to do with them.

    Is there an address one could box up and send bears to? Along with a check donation?

  8. Dude i'm crying like a little baby right now....... I couldnt live without my little man....
    I have nothing to say, this is awesome.... I feel very inspired....
  9. any update on this?
  10. I have recieved one donation from SuperDust22, other than that I have been buying the bears myself

    I havent found a non profit way to donate besides someone just sending me a check. We did set a JennaBears paypal account up in hopes of donations, I just didnt put it out there yet I was hoping to find a non-profit way to go about it

    Thanks so much for asking for an update...that meant alot.

    If anyone would like the paypal info, or mailing address for a regular donation I will give that info upon req.

    Daddy misses you always
  11. Chris...I have been checking this thread waiting.......for that NPO ....but give me the paypal info..
  12. Thankyou to all who showed intrest in helping us out...that mean alot!

    We changed our own paypal account name to JENNABEARS but the email remains the same for donations.

    Pay info-
    [email protected]
  13. Chris......sorry it took me til now but I put a little something in your account....
    God Bless....
  14. Thank you again!
  15. Awww hell. My prayers go out.
  16. Chris, I havent read around on the threads in a while but I do remember reading about your unfortunate accident. I always tried to believe that people could be good and after a certain many things that happened to me from trying to see the best in people and being let down I really gave up on everyone all together. But reading this really touched my heart and reminded me that there are still people out there that do have feelings and do really feel go threw terrible things but still struggle to make things better for others. I dont have much, however I do really would like to donate what I can to this cause. I would actually like to donate so 100% of it goes towards you and your cause so if you havent gotten the non profit thing with pay pal straightened out then I would appreciate it if you could give me an address I could send a check to and if you could tell me what/who to write it out to that would be great also. I always try to remember, someone is watching over and just try and keep your head up high and keep on fighting the good fight.
  17. I paypal'd a small amount for now, prayers are with you and I applaud what you are doing. You are making the world a better place and proving there are good people out there still.
  18. Thank you so much

    The Eades Family

    Also more to come the JENNABEARS Foundation website is almost complete!!

    We are a full up Liscensed 501 (3)(c) Non-Profit Organization!

    We miss you Jenna and will never stop!!!!

  19. X2 i'm relly sorry don't know what to say
  20. This makes me very sad. But at least something good is coming out of it.