Supra TT Gets Killed....

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Nazman, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Stationed over here in Germany you get everything to run you. Either from the lights or wide open in the "Bahn".

    Today about 1200 I was departing Darmstatd in my way to Manheim (SP?), and from the gate at the Base there it was this Black Toyota Supra TT, NICE rims, big Wing (Factory), overall a beautifull car.

    I was in front and he was behind me all the way. On the ramp coming into A67 to Mannheim he gun it and passed me (I was behind this big green truck and could not do anything). Any how, we entered A67 and traffic was moderate. We are crussing about 100 MPH, I'm in 4th gear, the road opend up and he got on it and I followed. Very quickly I was into his bumper and he would not move into the right lane (Germans are very good at this since it's the law)....... I had to get into and out of the go pedal as I approched him so close that I could touch him!

    Finally, A67 opens up into 3 lanes and WHAM........he was history, passed him and continued to pull pass 160MPH. Finally, I took the exit to the Base in Manheim and so he did. Pulled in at the base where we finally caught up. His Supra a 1998 Turbo 6 Speed with a "G" Ready or something along those lines Air Intake and matching Exhaust system as only mods. He said that he has never been smoked by a Mustang and what ever he did he could not catch me. He also said that the Cobra sounded "mean and intimidating" at WOT, and that he could feel his steering wheel shaking to my exhaust note!!!

    Those complements were just tooooo nice!

    By the way, it was this black BMW who wanted to play along but could not keep up. :flag: Sorry little buddy!

    Now, once I get my Chip back from JMS I'll be able to pick up a couple more HP and RPMs! Ahhhh, power....adictive!

    Naz :flag:

  2. FWIW -The guy meant Greddy. :)

    Sounds like you are always having out there on the Autobahn. I'm jealous! :D :flag:
  3. It's always fun to read your stories from the "BAHN". Keep up the good work.
  4. I remember those days traveling on the bahn, but I got my ass handed to me by a mercedes. I had just got my stock 96GT, which explains why. Now I bet it would be a totally different story.

    00 Engine/Trans
    NOVI 1000
    2.75 pulley
    AFM PP
    SMC Water Injection Kit
    and more..,
  5. Sweet. :nice:
    Now get this stuff on video! :D
  6. Working on that brother!