1. Well, for the first time this year, I've actually made some progress on "sally" today..............her old 7.5" rear axle assy is OUT! Now I just need to get the old leaf springs out of the way......unfortunately the front bolts are bound up in the spring bushings, I've currently got them soaked with WD40.........
    I also have to pull the old drive shaft still, but hey at least I got something done today!
  2. The entire rear end or just the axles and pumpkin?

    You may have to resort to a sawsall or zip disk for that.

    Doesn't your drive shaft just slip out of the tranny once the rear u-joint is dropped, or is the six cylinder a bolt on flange?

    Anyway, I just got back from San Francisco on Monday (been there since Thursday morning). I was at a conference for my son's rare disorder (Moebius syndrome). I had been saving all my nickles and dimes for that trip, so had put off some much needed maintenance on Hellcar. But now that we're back I will be doing the upper and lower control arms and a Shelby drop. I am also going to order the arm and bracket kit for the B&M shifter I've had hanging in my garage with turbo350 ends on it for eons. Then will be a modest pair of rear tires. I think I should be able to keep everything under $600. I haven't done anything to the car since I started driving it a couple years ago because I built it to be so damn reliable, but the front end really does need attention. I also need a small project like that so a will have something to post about!
  3. Wheel-to-wheel sans the leafs, which are still hanging by the front bolt.

    I just spent part of my "Nursing Incentive" bonus from work on new soles for "sally's" "new" shoes......(4) BF Goodrich 225/60R14 Radial T/As

    I'm hoping to have her back on her feet (rolling chassis) before it's time to wrap her for winter.
  4. Kind of rushing the seasons a bit?
  5. Can you get a torch and heat the bolts up where it'll burn some of the rubber to get them out?
  6. Not at the rate I've been working.....today was the first real progress I've made since before last THanksgiving!:nonono:
  7. Way to go! I remember you telling me this when we twlked. I had that problem, I used a grinder to cut up the springs.
  8. If you put a 6 point socket on the bolts with a long breaker bar do they turn at all?

    You wish Sally had a 7.5" rear, that old gal has the 6-3/4" variety!
  9. I (with a little help) managed to back one bolt about halfway out, the other one won't even budge. So the plan is to cut the springs at the eye (after I pick up some more cut-off discs for my angle grinder). Then I can finish stripping the undercarraige, and yup, pull the tranny..............
  10. Spiffy.

    I just swapped leafs from old Sadie (they were practically new) to new Sadie (they were really saggy & squeaky). I was really lucky, though. The only bolts that were really bad were the 2 on one of new Sadie's shackles but I still didn't need any WD-40 for them, just lots of leverage.

  11. The bolts aren't that bad, they're just bound up inside the rubber bushings.:shrug:

  12. You might try spraying the half out one with WD40 then running it in a little to work it loose. You might also get lucky with the wd40 on the other side too. I thought you pulled the transmission when you yanked the engine.
  13. I've already soaked them with the WD40, still NFG. No biggie, since I'm replacing them anyway, the cutting disc will take the springs off in short order.:nonono:
    And no. I didn't pull the tranny when I pulled the engine (not enough room in the driveway, etc.,) and right after I pulled the engine was when I was diagnosed with my recurrence.
    Now I just need to get a few days off from my job where I can get outside and work on her.:lol:
  14. I just had a few days off.... didn't even think about messing with the Cougar.
    I was]/b] gonna get Tink and SVT to help Jessie and I get the ol' girl straightened out in "her" driveway (used to be my parking spot, but I decided to share use of the carport with the Mrs). that way, whichever one of us that wants to use the carport can pull straight in; not enter from an easterly angle of attack to clear the car's left rear quarter.

    I dunno, guess I'll start digging through Summit, etc for an inexpensive set of lifters/pushrods, not going with a full cam kit 'til I'm sure Jessie isn't gonna go hot-dogging the car and wrapping it around a Peterbilt. Then maybe the carb; unless I find a smokin' deal on an intake that helps the old Cleveland breathe down low in the powerband.
    Although I really want to address the front suspension and steering first. Have to talk to Oboe and maybe jikelly; get their ideas on tightening it up first. Probably (definitely) wouldn't hurt to get a better shock-tower brace and some sort of Monte Carlo bar.

    Just gotta start somewhere......
  15. I should be outside now, but today is my ONE day off this week, and I have an North Fork EMS meeting this evening, so I'm gonna take a nap instead.
  16. WOO HOO~!

    Productive day!

    The only thing left under "sally" is the driver's side leaf spring and bright 'n' early tomorrow it's going under the knife! (ok......angle grinder with cut-off disc!):nice:
    After which comes the metal preparation for welding the patches in on the pass side rear frame and the front spring mounts.:hail2:
    The outer mount hole on the passenger side is egged out, so I'm gonna grind around it and weld a big ole washer in place to repair it, I'm also gonna do the driver's side on principle.:nice:
    Then will come the blasting with sand (I've already got a beach in her interior!) and the 15-ing with POR, followed by installation of my new rear suspension and axle!:eek:
    Now if my new tyres will just come in.............................:shrug:
  17. Here's a present for you. A nice flashy ambulance!


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  18. Thank you!
    It's just like the one I rode in this afternoon bringing the old-guy-who-tried-to-wrap-his-car-around-the-telephone-pole to the hospital!:nice:

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  19. Great job.. but where are the picture man!
  20. The pictures are still in my camera......I'm still having problems with my computer downloading and saving pix.............:p