1. One of the medivacs on a pilot forum I'm on uses it in his siggy. I instantly thought, "I know who would like this!"
  2. here's one.............

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  3. Just doesn't look the same without the M.A.S.H. tent from last year.

    Good job getting the old rear out!
  4. When you put the new bolts thru the new bushings, you might want to coat the bolt with some axle bearing grease or some never sieze, it might help to keep the bolt from rusting to the metal sleeve in the bushing if you ever have to remove it later.

    Also, use never sieze on the bolts.
  5. RM: Thanks! Removing the axle was easy, just four quick cuts on each side with the angle grinder, although I did have to shift it ~18" to clear the wheel wells when I rolled it out. The springs also got the treatment with the angle grinder (she was REALLY burning rubber when I cut into the bushings!:lol: ), then I took the sawzall to the bolts........

    1320: Thanks for the tip.....I wouldn't have thought of that!:nice:

    Tomorrow a.m., after I get home from work, will be the final prep, then welding of the patches. I hope to break out the sandblaster tomorrow afternoon....I've got the undercarriage from the firewall back, brake cable brackets, rear shock - spring mounts, and the pass. door shell to do.

    Then it'll be POR15 time!
    I'd also like to do the undercarraige with something like "Rhino lining" before I start bolting everything back in..............

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  6. Good idea Larry. The important thing is to use something compatible with rubber so it does not start turning to goo at the contact point. Maybe if Fritz used urethane bushings with its lubricant he could pack it in there to seal out the moisture?
  7. I'd think the only problem you'd have would be if it got on the rubber, I'd think never sieze would be compatible. I bought about a 8 oz. container and it'll probably last me the rest of my life.
  8. What about a silicone-based grease that would seal out the water and prolong the life of the rubber?
  9. Tyres???
    Are you getting them from Dobberly and Bushmill; of Stratford on Wallingford, on the banks of the Thames, old chap???? :rlaugh:

    Just kidding ol' buddy; great job on Sally. You're pushing me to start the "negotiations" with Mrs StangDreamin' on the bunch of Cleveland top-end parts and suspension parts to get the Cougar running. I'm even working on the negotiating terms....

    "But honey, it's for our little girl's car!" :D :D :D

    10:15 a.m.: front spring mount bracket on the passenger side has been repaired and the frame patch tacked in place. (Gawd! I'd almost forgotten how much I dislike lying in gravel under the car welding on her chassis!) And I decided it was time for a fifteen (1st of many, I'm sure).
    Today is the 4th day running we're expecting triple digits in the shade (shaddup StDr, no one forced you to live in that particular corner of Hell where only the Gila's thrive!)
    I'll be happy if I have the welding done today!
  11. Good progress then.

    Just don't rush through it or you know you will pay for it later.
  12. :lol:
    You don't know how many times I've stopped myself from taking shortcuts and saying,"That's good enough, no one will ever know I didn't go all the way on that!"
    'cause no matter what......I'LL KNOW!:nice:

    No sandblasting today, too hot and (more important) TOO HUMID!;:)bang:

    I did get the shock mount/spring brackets and the brake cable clips POR15'd, and some general clean up done.

    The rims (psuedo-Magnum500s - Chepsk8 knows what I mean) are ready for tyres.......I cleaned them up well, treated the surface rust on the interior (between the inner and outer beads) and the interior and backside have new paint. They now look (almost) new. Didn't touch the faces other than a good scrubbing!

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  13. Just heard from tiresavings.com, my (4) BF Goodrich 225/60R14 Radial T/As should be here in 2 - 3 weeks!:nice:
  14. Yeahyeahyeah.... You just aren't used to the heat, I know.
    On the other hand, *I* would not be used to having Hillary representing me in the District of Crazies. :crazy: Come to think of it, you stand a better chance of acclimating to the heat than I would have trying to acclimate to her! :p

    To be honest, I'm not looking forward to pulling the XR-7 back into the carport and crawling under the hood or in the wheelwells. We may not have the humidity, but it's still around 104* at 8PM around here :drool:

    But, your thread here is starting to push me into doing it :nonono:
  15. We're supposed to have T-showers this evening and tomorrow and hopefully cooler (and DRIER!) after that, so maybe Sunday I can get the sandblasting done. I can't do anything else on the chassis until then.
    Bought a double-flaring tool today and finished installing the hard brake lines on the new rear (I had to shorten one line by ~ 4"), and I'll be all set to replumb the rest of the brakes when the time comes.
    I'm still on target for a rolling chassis (with functional brakes) the week of Aug. 13 - 19.

    What I have left to do:
    Sandblast chassis from firewall back.
    Prep and POR15, seam seal, "rhino-line" chassis.
    Install "new" rear and springs.
    Install new parking brake cables.
    Re-plumb brakes and fuel line from rear to engine compartment.
    Adjust steering linkage and lube front end (entire).
    Pack wheel bearings and install in rotors.
    Install rotors, front calipers.
    Re-plumb brake lines front end.
    Bleed brakes.
    Mount and balance tyres.
    Put new wheels / tyres on car.
    Jack rear up, remove jackstands, lower rear (and chock wheels).
    Jack front end up, remove jackstands, lower front. Then.....
    WHEELS DOWN!!!:hail2:
  16. The tire store just called and said my new set of BF Goodrich radials just came in! They already have my wheels so they will mount them tomorrow morning. I called BF Goodrich customer relations, and was told there was a shortage of them for some reason, so I guess that is why they were so long getting here.

    Hey, you're not sandblasting those things in the living room again are you?
  17. Probably a very popular size...:shrug:
    What? You mean I wasn't supposed to?:scratch:
  18. Are those old Granada wheels? And what size are they? Be sure to post a picture when the rubber is mounted, I'd really like to these on your car.
  19. Chepsk8 tells me they are:shrug:
    They resemble the Magnum 500's except they're painted, not chromed.:shrug:
    They are 14x7's and I'm going to put BFG's 225/60R14 Radial T/As on them and as soon as I get them on I'll definately snap some shots.:nice:
  20. I've got most of the undercarraige down to factory primer (the red stuff), what the hell they'd make that stuff out of anyway? I've tried Zip-strip, me feeble siphon-type sandblaster and a big assed gnarly wire wheel and nothing seems to even scratch it!:eek:

    I'm of half a mind to just clean that up well and POR15 over it, but I don't know how well POR15 will adhere to it!:shrug: